5 External Climatic Factors That Affect An Interior Design Project

By Shrinivas Vaidya

Dear friends, the emergence of architecture in human society has taken a wide and distinct role in itself. Starting from early eras where man used to live in caves, we have seen a remarkable growth in architecture and allied fields, which includes landscape and interior design

The recent being the use of computers and “Computer Aided Design” in architecture, which allows a kind of perfection in design and execution process of any building and its interiors.

In spite of all the technological advances, the primary function of any building structure remains the same, protection from outside environment and natural calamities.

Starting from a place to “protect yourself’ from nature, interior design has become a “status symbol”. Today’s interior spaces have a two way channel, first and the obvious one is the function and second one is aesthetical, which is a little complex one.

It is quite obvious that the interior design of a space is directly related to the function of the space. This means that two spaces like a home and an office have two well defined functions, hence it will reflect in every aspect of the interior design solution.

But apart from the there is one more important factor that will affect each and every aspect of the final design solution, and that’s the geographical location of the architectural structure.

A hotel building at seashore and the other one at a hill station will have a completely different sets of problems to deal with. Lets see in a short way what are the external factors that can affect an interior design solution

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1) Amount of direct sunlight.

Locations on the far northern or southern hemisphere receive less amount of sunlight than those at the equator. That’s why here the building with more use of plane glass are used. Also artificial lighting is given much importance.

2) External temperature.

External temperature directly affects the comfort level of internal spaces. Since external walls act as a “buffer” between internal and external climate, it is necessary to use the right construction material for walls. Depending upon the wall material the internal finishes also have limitations. This is especially true for structure that face extreme climatic ups and downs, such as locations in the gulf countries.

Hence selecting materials that can sustain heavy climatic changes on a daily scale is challenging.

3) Humidity and Rainfall.

Because of the salty nature of air around coastal areas extra care is taken for building construction materials, which can directly affect the entire budget of the project.

4)Wind Direction.

Wind direction and wind speed also has direct affect on the interiors. Heavy winds exert a load on the external walls of the structure, thus affecting the construction technology.

5)Land Structure and Topography.

Land structure is the nature of land on which the structure stands. Various types of land structures include rock solid, marshy land, etc…Topography of land is classified as plane or a site with slope. If the site of the structure is on a hill slope, extra precautions are taken to allow the natural flow of rainwater that the structure might block. Depending upon the quality of land surface the construction technology will change.

As far as interiors are concerned a well planned structure with properly thought spaces is a must because internally the spaces get divided into various floors.

From the above short discussion it can be said that external factors and environment greatly affect the way structures are built and thus directly affecting the interior qualities of the structure.

Technological advancements have allowed us to artificially control the internal environment of a building irrespective of what’s happening outside. But a carefully studied and well planned architectural space can easily cut the extra cost of air conditioning and other ventilation services.

I hope this article was informative to everyone.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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What If He Doesn’t Text Me Back?

What If He Doesn’t Text Me Back?


Sheila Hobson

In these days of lighting fast computers, fast information and instant text messaging, it may be a little disconcerting when the guy you care about doesn’t always text you back immediately.

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In order to keep your relationship intact, you need to just relax first off and then consider the possible reasons why he might not be texting you back. For starters the guy could be busy at work and unable to respond immediately, his phone may have gone dead due to a low battery charge or a dead signal zone or the phone may even have been dropped into a toilet. The worst thing you can do is to start sending text messages one after the other saying, why aren’t you replying to my texts. This type of behavior sets you up as being the needy person in the relationship. The one who is totally insecure. You need to just relax and wait at least twenty-four hours before jumping to any conclusions or going off in a direction that can jeopardize everything. What you can do next is to send a short but simple ping text of about three to five words to check things out. The other stupid mistake you can make is start saying the wrong things in your messages. This will surely spell disaster for any relationship. Once they have been sent, you can’t take them back.You also don’t want to come across as the pushy, dominating partner. When the guy reads your text with this type of message, he will wonder what happened to that wonderful careful girl he met in the park that day. He’ll get the wrong feelings in his mind and his gut reactions will cause him to reconsider what he has gotten himself into with this woman. These signals that he receives from you will cause him to start pulling away and be more distant in any further contacts you may have with him. There are ways to deal with all of the crazy thoughts that are going though your head right now and dooming your present relationship and any future hopes for the altar. Take a moment, relax and just remember there are dozens of different things that may have caused him to not text you back. Give him a chance to respond. When he does, he will probably explain why. If he doesn’t text you back, the next time you meet, even though you would love to just come out and tell him what you think, let him bring up the matter. This will place you in a better position with him and not project you as the needy and clinging one in the relationship.

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What If He Doesn’t Text Me Back?

Tips To Ensure That Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Is A Success

byAlma Abell

Bathroom remodeling in your Silver Springs home could be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made or it could be a complete disaster if you handle things the wrong way. A bathroom remodel can save on energy costs in some cases, raise your home value, and it can create a sanctuary you will want to spend plenty of time in. The following are useful tips to follow to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is a success from start to finish.

1. Hire a Good Contractor. Your contractor can make or break your bathroom remodeling experience. The key is to hire a good, reputable contractor from the start. They should be licensed, insured, and they should be willing to listen to your input. You can find a good contractor by reading reviews online, talking with people from your local community, or asking family and friends. Always ask for references before deciding on any particular contractor. Hiring a good one will ensure that your project is a success.

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2. Pre-Planning. Planning ahead is always a good rule of thumb. Just as with any home remodeling project, bathroom remodeling requires planning prior to the start of the project. Your contractor will handle most of the details for you, but it is still a good idea to be in the loop in order to know what is going on every step of the way. Permits, coding regulations, designs, and layouts will all need to be considered during the preplanning stage.

3. Building Materials. Bathrooms are damp places, so you need to ensure that your contractor is using the right type of building materials. Some contractors try to save a buck by using cheap materials, but this will only open you up to potential future problems such as mold. As long as you hire a good contractor they should have this well in hand, but make sure you are aware of what construction materials are being used.

4. Lighting. Having the right amount of light in your bathroom is absolutely essential. There are many different types of lighting available, so choose wisely. Ask your contractor what they recommend. Some bathrooms will require more lighting than others, depending on how many windows are in the bathroom for natural light, how large the bathroom is, and other factors. Just remember it is always better to have too much than not enough.

Following the above tips will help to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is a success. Even if you have a contractor, you should always be a part of the process from beginning to end.

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Dual Flush Toilets 101}

Dual flush toilets 101



Dual flush toilets are a great way of decreasing the water usage in your household. Dual flush toilet uses the latest technology in sanitary engineering which saves you almost a gallon of water per flush. This provides you with a money saving and aesthetically pleasing toilet.

Many countries and communities have water shortages every year resulting from drought and other reasons. Many cities impose heavy water restrictions and puts a maximum amount of water you can use per household.

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Let’s talk about why a dual flush toilet is something that you would want to think about. We all know that toilet uses tremendous amount of water during each flush. An Australian inventor working for a well known bathroom supply company came up with an ingenious way of solving this problem. He realized that a liquid waste would not need as much water as a solid waste and came up with the idea of the dual flush. Essentially, this type of toilet system has 2 options of flushing, one is the big flush for solid waste one is the little flush for liquid waste.


Dual flush toilet

system saves about 50% of the water that would typically go to waste. You would definitely see a sharp decrease in your water bill. This helps protect the environment which will undoubtedly give you a self satisfaction. The dual flush toilet system clogs less because of its larger pathway which means less work for you. Because of the way its designed, instead of flushing the bowl by rushing water through it like the traditional toilet, it rises the water up and drains it.

This leads to a much, much quieter flush and giving you a peace of mind while youre answering natures call. With all the savings and perks of the

Dual flush toilets

, you would definitely want this technological innovation.

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Dual flush toilets

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Bed Bugs &Amp; Dust Mites

By Kenny I. Vessel

Bed bugs and dust mites. Certainly bed bugs are in the news yet are these two pests the same? Or are beddy bugs and tiny crawly dust mites the same? If you get rid and exterminate one do you still have toe other or are you generally rid of both of these bedding and bed time overnight pests? Dust mites are extremely small creatures which are invisible to everyone, but their effects can be observed by those who have allergies to them. They live in such a world that you may never think of. May be it is the time to discuss about this world and learn something about these creatures that may torment you.

What They Are:

The length of a Dust mite is about half a millimeter. They are not so amusing to look at; they are as like tiny spiders. By chance they are too small to bite or sting, but they can cause serious harm to you and your family members in different ways.

What They Do:

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There are so many people who have allergies to these small creatures. Normally they consume microscopic organic materials. Typically these creatures like small flakes of human skin, which are cast off. Some people can be affected by the matters of dust mites. They can result a number of respiratory concerns. Coughing and sneezing are their common effects. Other common trouble of these tiny creatures is asthma attacks and breathing problems. They can also result an itchy throat, runny nose and nasal passage. Symptoms of hay fever are also a common effect.

Where They Live:

Dust mites are microscopic animals. They like to live in bedrooms. This is due to the reason that they are very fond of bedding materials. They love humidity and warmth locations. Areas like pillows are their most favorite place to reproduce. They like this areas because they get warmth from saliva and perspiration.

Eliminating Their Effects:

The best way to get relieve from these tiny creatures is to clean your home thoroughly. Particularly it is vital for bedrooms. If you shampoo and clean your carpets, it would be better for you. Most times they can be found in the carpeting and drapes. So, clean all bedding and this may be the only one way to get relief from their fecal matter. If you apply a clothes dryer after washing all the bedding, it would be enough to destroy these things.

Another want to get rid of these little pests is to keep your bedding clean and apply a clothes dryer for a few minutes. It is a good option to kill them. However if you reduce the humidity of your room below 50%, it may also destroy these tiny creatures. Thats why the threat of these pests is less in winter.


There are several little pests that exist in your home, which you may not know. They are so small that you cannot observe them in open eyes, but they can make you cough and sneeze. They are very fond of humid and warm locations. If you want to remain safe from these pests, try to keep your carpets and bedding dry and clean. To get rid of them, clean your house regularly and heat your bedding by clothes dryer.

About the Author: Kenny I Vessel

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Track Lighting For Your Bathroom}

Track Lighting For Your Bathroom


Bathroom track lighting is perfect for task illumination and highlighting objects. Track lighting is typically used in kitchen areas or anywhere where task illumination is required. These lights are ideal for illuminating counters, islands, cabinets, and tables. Homeowners also use this type of lighting to give their artwork display a showcase appearance. Bathroom spaces can also benefit from track lighting because it is within this area that we perform our most essential daily tasks. Routine tasks, such as shaving, grooming, and facial enhancement all take place inside the bathroom, so adequate illumination is required within this space.Track lighting is an important part of any illumination design, especially in your bathroom. This type of illumination will make those everyday tasks easier to accomplish and reduce the chances of accidental injury. Track fixtures offer a focused source of illumination over a given space and usually dispel bright light over workstations. Your bathroom vanity area can benefit from these lights because the ample illumination dispelled by these fixtures is perfect for those routine tasks. These lights can illuminate your sink and mirror area so you can shave or put on your makeup. Homeowners can also use these lights to highlight bathtub areas and works of art.There is a variety selection of track fixtures for your bathroom. We have track lighting kits that will complement any contemporary or traditional dcor theme. The LED track lighting kits are becoming more popular for the bathroom area. These lights will give your vanity space a whimsical touch of colorful illumination. LED illumination is perfect for setting a fun mood. Users can operate the color changing bulbs within their bathroom by using a handheld remote control. LED lights are energy efficient and extremely safe because they produce very little heat radiance. LED bulbs usually have a long output life and tend to last much longer than other types of bulbs. These kits are also relatively affordable compared to standard kits, so maybe going color crazy is the best route for you.The online venue also has miniature track lights for your bathroom space. These illumination fixtures are perfect for confined spaces and can throw an ample source of light over pictures, paintings, decorative objects, and shelves. Track lights can give your bathroom space a showcase appearance. Homeowners can hang these over their hot tub or sink area for a spotlight effect. Try positioning these to focus the light beam onto works of art or display shelves. Your bathroom can become the talk of the town if you let your creative mind do all the work.There are many illumination fixtures available on the current market for your home’s interior and track lighting is one choice. Finding a quality retailer of illumination products may be the best option when it comes to durability and function. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a fine product selection for your home or commercial setting. Whether you need decorative bathroom lights or a home automation device, make sure you select right product for your job. Give your home the gorgeous touch it has been craving.

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bathroom track lighting

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bathroom track lights


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Features To Look For A Perfect Steam Shower Uk

Features to Look for a Perfect Steam Shower UK


Allan Michael Taylor

Tired of your usual bathroom or you just like to spend your entire day in a sauna bath? Well, you can solve these two major problems in UK bathrooms by simply having a steam shower UK.

You might already know what a steam shower UK is. But do you know how to pick the perfect steam shower UK? Of course, the steam shower UK features should be your primary consideration when looking for the perfect choice. If you don’t know the steam shower UK features to look for, this article will help you get through that. Here are the important features that a perfect steam shower UK should have:

• Aromatherapy. Yes, you don’t really need to buy those essential oils and manually mix them to get the best aromatherapy while you take a shower. There are steam shower UK models that already include aromatherapy in the package. This is achieved through using essential oils that are stocked in the steam shower UK reservoir. You just need to disperse the essential oil you want and enjoy that aromatic shower. If the steam shower UK has no aromatherapy, just make sure that it has at least a place for the aromatherapy in case you will decide to have it in the future.

YouTube Preview Image

• Chromatherapy. No, this does not mean taking a shower in a disco light. With chromatherapy you will be able to choose the light so you can set the mood while you take a shower. Many steam shower UK models today have this feature already but if not, you can just choose a steam shower UK that will allow you to have this in the future.

• Warm-ups. If you want it a fast-start warm-up, this would mean you will turn on the steam and expect a warm water right away. However, you should understand that steam shower UK like this consumes more energy because it has to keep the water warm. With fast-start warm-ups, you can always expect warm water right away but you can also expect higher electric bill.

• Wireless steam shower UK control. If you don’t want to spend your time waiting for the steam shower UK to start up, this feature should be included in the “hot list.” With wireless stream control, you can allow steam shower UK operation while you’re in other parts of the house.

• Music. If music makes your bathroom stay even more relaxing, then find a steam shower UK that has a music or radio inside. With an internal radio and speaker, you can always hear the music you want while enjoying the warmth in the steam shower UK.

• Extras. Having a steam shower UK more than its average market counterparts is certainly the better option. That is why you should also look for other features that can make your steam shower experience far beyond just having a warm bath. For instance, you may want a steam shower that is also a whirlpool or a sauna.

Whatever steam shower UK feature you want, just make sure that you do a wise shopping by buying only from a store that directly gets their products from the manufacturer. Forthill Home is an online furniture and appliance store where you can find a wide collection of steam shower UK directly from the manufactures. Since it’s online and they get their products directly from the manufacturers, you can always expect better price at definitely better quality steam shower with Forthill Home.

Aside from steam shower UK, you can also find other bathroom necessities, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, hallway furniture, and a lot more. Forthill Home can be you one-stop shop for better deals in home furniture and appliances.

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Steam Shower Bath


steam shower cabin

available at affordable low prices.

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The Proper Ways Of Cleaning A Fiberglass Shower

By Terry Small

Fiberglass showers are known for being durable, strong, and long-lasting as compared to the other types of showers used in our bathrooms. Keeping them in top condition may be quite daunting especially when soap scum and mineral deposits tend to get stuck on the handle and on the other parts of the shower. However, this can be done easily as long as you do it properly and regularly to avoid larger cleaning tasks. Wiping off the shower after you are finished taking your bath is a good way of preventing larger tasks in the future.

When it comes to cleaning fiberglass showers, all you need are basic tools and supplies for a successful and effective job. Although you can always buy cleansing agents in the market, getting good use of natural household cleansers is always a good idea for your cleaning projects. Below is a right way on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your fiberglass shower.

— Tools and Cleaning Solutions – as mentioned above, all of the stuffs that you need for the cleaning task are very basic as they can be found in your house. A squeegee would be your primary cleaning tool for your fiberglass shower as working on fiberglass materials can be very demanding. Tools that are rough tend to scratch and leave marks on the shower which can make its appearance dull and unsightly. You can use a soft cloth as an alternative for the squeegee if you do not have one. Pour half part of white vinegar and half part of water on a spray bottle which should always be kept inside the bathroom. You can also use baking soda or boric acid as an alternative for the vinegar if you do not like the smell.

YouTube Preview Image

— Spray – although you can always schedule the cleaning task anytime you want, the best time to clean the fiberglass shower would be before you take a bath. Spray the areas of the shower where soap scum and mineral deposit are present and let it sit for a while. This will work on the stains as well and will help in softening up for an easier cleaning process. After a few minutes you can get back and resume your work. Wipe the shower all over using the squeegee. Make sure that you have covered all of the areas that require cleaning to get rid of anything that makes it unpleasant and unsightly. Pouring hot water on the affected areas of the shower also helps in getting rid of buildups as it tenders any type of stain or blemish. Boric acid and baking soda can be used by dampening them with the squeegee. Wipe off anything you see on the fiberglass shower using this alternative solution repeatedly until you get your desired result.

— Regular Cleaning – as much as possible, you need to clean the shower especially its handle every time you use it to prevent any buildup which can cause an unpleasant view and feel. A simple wiping process using your squeegee is enough to keep the shower in tip top condition.


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basalt stones





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