By Terry Small

Fiberglass showers are known for being durable, strong, and long-lasting as compared to the other types of showers used in our bathrooms. Keeping them in top condition may be quite daunting especially when soap scum and mineral deposits tend to get stuck on the handle and on the other parts of the shower. However, this can be done easily as long as you do it properly and regularly to avoid larger cleaning tasks. Wiping off the shower after you are finished taking your bath is a good way of preventing larger tasks in the future.

When it comes to cleaning fiberglass showers, all you need are basic tools and supplies for a successful and effective job. Although you can always buy cleansing agents in the market, getting good use of natural household cleansers is always a good idea for your cleaning projects. Below is a right way on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your fiberglass shower.

— Tools and Cleaning Solutions – as mentioned above, all of the stuffs that you need for the cleaning task are very basic as they can be found in your house. A squeegee would be your primary cleaning tool for your fiberglass shower as working on fiberglass materials can be very demanding. Tools that are rough tend to scratch and leave marks on the shower which can make its appearance dull and unsightly. You can use a soft cloth as an alternative for the squeegee if you do not have one. Pour half part of white vinegar and half part of water on a spray bottle which should always be kept inside the bathroom. You can also use baking soda or boric acid as an alternative for the vinegar if you do not like the smell.


— Spray – although you can always schedule the cleaning task anytime you want, the best time to clean the fiberglass shower would be before you take a bath. Spray the areas of the shower where soap scum and mineral deposit are present and let it sit for a while. This will work on the stains as well and will help in softening up for an easier cleaning process. After a few minutes you can get back and resume your work. Wipe the shower all over using the squeegee. Make sure that you have covered all of the areas that require cleaning to get rid of anything that makes it unpleasant and unsightly. Pouring hot water on the affected areas of the shower also helps in getting rid of buildups as it tenders any type of stain or blemish. Boric acid and baking soda can be used by dampening them with the squeegee. Wipe off anything you see on the fiberglass shower using this alternative solution repeatedly until you get your desired result.

— Regular Cleaning – as much as possible, you need to clean the shower especially its handle every time you use it to prevent any buildup which can cause an unpleasant view and feel. A simple wiping process using your squeegee is enough to keep the shower in tip top condition.


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