Discovering Travel Options To The 2012 Summer Games In London, England

By Adriana Notton

While there are many options when it comes to travel in relation to the 2012 Summer Games, those who book early are no doubt going to receive the best rates on lodging and other amenities. As such, whether one is going to book a solo trip to the games, or select a preplanned group trip through a travel agency, one may want to make such reservations as early as possible.

However, as there are many great packages available, one may want to research a variety of such travel options online before making a final decision. For, when one can set the arrival and departure date on such packages, one often has a great deal more freedom over other more structured groups. So, as one can find a variety of such offerings online between now and time for the games, one may want to get an early start and start planning now.

Otherwise, although one may be able to find some great rates, most likely those with the best rates and availability are going to sell out quickly. For, this is always the case when it comes to both Summer and Winter Olympics, whether one plans such a trip, or attends through one of the many travel packages available. As such, in order to obtain the best room at the best price for the length of stay, one may also want to make any such reservations well in advance of the arrival date.

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Of course, with packages offered by Roadtrips, who have received great reviews from past travelers and others offering such great deals, it is hard not to want to go through a travel service for such a package deal. However, even with the most liberal of package deals, there are still some schedules one must make as part of such a tour group. So, if one feels freer exploring such events oneself, one may want to opt for setting up such travel and reservations.

However, as deals such as the one from Roadtrips often include, but are not limited to, choice of accommodations to London, England at a four star property, daily breakfast, a hundred pounds per day in beverage credits, choice of a sight seeing experience, complimentary train travel from airport to London, greeting by representatives of Roadtrips, a Summer Games welcome gift package, twenty four seven concierge service throughout the games and more, one may want to give doing so some thought.

Of course, ever since London won the narrow margin over Paris for the opportunity to hold such games has England come alive with excitement. For, as the city prepares to be the center of the World’s attention in 2012, such excitement continues to build. As such, with each new installation and preparation, more and more people begin making plans to attend such events.

In addition, as these games now known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, are expected are expected to be the biggest and best ever, London will no doubt be preparing for the event up until the opening ceremony. For, with over ten thousand athletes from two hundred five participating countries, themed venues, new technology and transportation provided throughout the event, these may just be the Summer Games one does not want to miss given the opportunity. As such, the good hosts of London expect there to be a great many people with a great many needs on hand during such games.

To this end, whether one travels or alone, or through Roadtrips or another travel provider, one can no doubt have an excellent time at the 2012 Summer Games. However, regardless as to how one plans on traveling to London, or where one plans on staying, one may want to make such plans and reservations as early as possible. For, whether traveling alone, or through a tour company, often such reservations book up and sell out early when it comes to attending either the Summer or Winter Olympic Games.

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Used Car Buyers Get Relief From California Bill Of Rights

By Charles Essmeier

Buying a used car from either an individual or a professional car dealer can be a bit of a scary experience. Used car buyers have the protection of auto lemon laws in all fifty states. If the car turns out to be habitually defective, buyers have recourse and can receive either a refund or a replacement vehicle. Used car buyers have no such assurances. Unless the dealer offers a written warranty, the buyer is stuck if anything goes wrong, even if it happens five minutes after the car leaves the dealers lot.

That situation will improve in California as the state has put into effect a car buyers Bill of Rights. This new law offers a number of protections for buyers of used cars. The bill isnt perfect; like all such legislation, compromise was required. It is a step in the right direction, though, and one that would be nice to see in all fifty states.

There are numerous provisions to the bill, but perhaps the most significant is the option offered to buyers to return the car to the dealer within two days if they are not satisfied with it. There need not be anything wrong with the car; buyers may return it for any reason or no reason at all. This will protect buyers against any problems that magically show up right after the car leaves the dealers lot. The dealers are permitted to charge a fee for the return privilege; buyers may elect to skip it or may negotiate the price for it. The price will range up to $250 for cars priced at up to $30,000. Cars priced at higher values are exempt from the law. There is also an additional charge for returning the car, which dealers say is necessary to prepare the car for resale. While the option to return the car is not free, it is available, and many buyers will be grateful for that.

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Other provisions of the law require dealers to show prospective buyers price lists for the vehicle both with and without any additional options the buyer may wish to purchase. The law also restricts the amount of money that the dealer may make from financing a vehicle through a third party.

Californias passage of a lemon law in the early 1980s helped spur the creation of similar laws in other states. Car buyers everywhere would benefit greatly if the other states paid attention to Californias used car protections. While the law isnt perfect, it does represent a step in the right direction for which all used car buyers should be grateful.

About the Author: Copyright 2006 by Retro Marketing. Charles Essmeier is the owner of Retro Marketing. Retro Marketing, established in 1978, is a firm devoted to informational Websites, including

, a site devoted to automobile lemon laws and

, a site devoted to car insurance.


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5 Blog Naming Tips}

5 Blog Naming Tips


Ted Demopoulos

Blog naming is a big topic. A lot of people obsess over naming their blog. No doubt about it, blog names are very important. What you call your blog matters.

A great blog name can help with positioning, branding, making you or your company memorable, and much more.

A bad blog name? Well, it can position you poorly, seem unprofessional, be hard to remember, even be offensive to your target market and readers, and perhaps worse, you may hate it.

These five tips should help you choose an appropriate blog name.

1) Give your blog a reasonable name.

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Avant-garde names are very popular now, for example, Boing Boing and icanhascheezburger are extremely popular blogs, but do you want a “strange” name for your blog long term? Blogs are becoming mainstream, and most blogs, for example professional and business blogs, should have mainstream names.

2) Consider a descriptive name.

“Blogging for Business” is a descriptive name; My Blogging for Business blog is quite simply about “blogging for business.”

“Schneier on Security” is another descriptive name. It’s about security and written by well known security author and thought leader Bruce Schneier. Oh, you hadn’t heard of Bruce Schneier before? It doesn’t matter as his target audience certainly has.

Ask the Atheist, CorporatePR, and Java Programming Blog are other examples of blogs with descriptive names.

3) Don’t use the term “blog” in your blog name

First of all blog isn’t the prettiest name. Some readers may be biased against the term blog. Also it will certainly sound anachronistic, old fashioned, someday, as the term blog will go away eventually.

4) Get a domain name to match your blog name if you can.

You don’t want a URL like or For example, Seth Godin, the New York Times best selling author, blogs at and when I asked himif there was one thing he could do differently if he started blogging today, he had to think a bit, but he said he probably should have used his own domain and put his blog under

One good exception is if you use company domain name or a subdomain for your blog.

5) Your blog doesn’t even NEED its own name.

You could just use your own name on the blog. This is a very valid approach when it’s you that you’re branding and promoting though the blog, as opposed to a product, company, or idea, etc.

For example I could start a blog that just said “Ted Demopoulos” in the header, perhaps together with a picture or some graphic.

6) There is no such thing as a “perfect” name for a blog, and if it were perfect today, it probably wouldn’t be perfect tomorrow. It’s best to pick a great blog name, knowing that there will most likely be compromises in naming your blog, and just get on with it.

7) Relax as you can always change your blog name. Hyper popular blogger Guy Kawasaki has changed his blog name several times with no adverse efforts.

Blog names are important for sure, but don’t let choosing a name slow you down. These tips should help you choose a good blog name and get started blogging. You can’t have a successful blog unless you start, so just do it.

And for over 100 tips on successful blogging, I invite you to grab your free copy of my ebook “Secrets of Successful Blogging” at

By Ted Demopoulos, author of “Blogging for Business” and “What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting”

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5 Blog Naming Tips