Clean tech public relations initiatives are necessary to motivate companies


Kevin Waddel

Corporations as a whole get a bad reputation. They are often seen as faceless, lumbering giants who are out to make a quick buck, and could not care any less about any negative impact their greedy pursuits have on their employees, the world economy, or worse yet, the environment. And while some corporations do deserve their bad reputations, others have strived to paint a more human face on their business, in an attempt to regain some of the ground that has been lost through the many, many embarrassing gaffes that have been perpetrated by large corporations throughout history.


But, again, some leading lights in every field imaginable have been working tirelessly to make the world a better place through business. This means no longer working employees to the bone with seventy hour work weeks or dumping hazardous materials into a local pond because it is considerably cheaper than paying for its safe removal. These types of forward thinking business set an example for other corporations who engage in unsavory and less than reputable activities. Some of the best and brightest examples of how a corporation should operate have started a clean tech public relations initiative to try and convince other like minded businesses that the only way for companies to improve their public image is to police themselves. They can’t go on with business as usual, because the environment will not be able to sustain itself based on the current amount of waste that is being generated on a daily basis by the human race. This problem will only get worse as the population increases. So it is more important than ever for companies in every imaginable industry to get on board with a clean tech public relations initiative of their choosing so that future generations can enjoy the magnificent beauty of this planet. So what exactly is involved with a clean tech public relations initiative? Well, it starts with companies who want to better the environment by employing greener methods of doing business. This can start with something as simple as recycling all the cans and bottles that an office generates on a daily basis. This may seem like an all too obvious pursuit, but many people are surprised at how many companies do not recycle. Once the infrastructure of a clean tech public relations initiative has taken hold, then other more meaningful changes can take place. This means only working with suppliers who are environmentally conscious. This can be difficult in some industries, but as many corporations as possible should adopt this practice in order to pass the idea of ‘going green’ around. In addition to this noble pursuit, many green companies have started to try and use technologies that are clean and do not produce harmful waste or have dangerous side effects. Thus, companies who use only the cleanest and most efficient technological processes are doing the most to help the environment. This is the case because upwards of ninety percent of all the harmful emissions that are released into the atmosphere on an annual basis come from manufacturing and processing facilities, most of which are owned by large corporations. Therefore, the need for a well thought out and executed clean tech public relations firm should become apparent. In the absence of a clean tech public relations initiative, the environment will continue to suffer. This is why so many green energy advocates have been pressing corporations to enroll in a clean tech public relations initiative.

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