Fulfil Desired Financial Requirements With Payday Loans}

Fulfil Desired Financial Requirements With Payday Loans


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Payday loans for quick finances

Uncertain financial situations always create enormous troubles to the individuals. People desire instant financial support whenever they fall into financial deficiencies and this instant finance generally comes in the form of online payday loans.

Quick funds during emergencies

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Online payday lending companies provide quality based funds to their borrowers to assist them during financial deficiencies. They provide payday loans for a period of one month and get back the funds from their borrowers on their next payday. It seems quite satisfactory for the borrowers to obtain funds through payday lending companies with the online borrowing procedure where they just need to apply for the loan with the help of the online loan application form with submitting their required personal details. Borrowers just need to wait for a few minutes to get their loans approved and within 24 hours of the application, they can get funds into their bank account to utilize it for the definite purpose.

Borrowers appreciate this process as they need to pay lots of time and efforts to get their loans approved in the case of borrowing traditional loan products. While borrowing online payday loans, they can enjoy the entire borrowing process from the comforts of their home.

Immediate funds with easy repayment

Online payday loans are the most favoured option of the immediate fund supply to the borrowers to meet their urgent financial troubles; however, they need to pay huge interest charges for the loans they are borrowing. The smaller term and small amount of payday loans make them very beneficial for the borrowers as in this way; they come to them with a faster pace and with least possibility of troubles. The immediate financial support provided by the payday lending companies to their borrowers also continues with the repayment of payday loans.

Borrowers are allowed to shift their loan repayment date to a new due date with the payment of some additional charges, if they are unable to repay their payday loans on their next payday. Hence, this feature of online payday loans is also making them more appreciable for the borrowers.


payday loans

are the most beneficial


products availed by Paydaybank to their borrowers during their credit crunches.

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Eur/Usd: More And More Bullish Signals.}

Submitted by: Growth Aces

GROWTHACES.COM Trading Positions:

USD/JPY: long at 104.90, target 108.00 (we have raised the target from 107.50 previously), stop-loss 106.50

GBP/USD: long at 1.6220, target 1.6400, stop-loss 1.6130

EUR/USD: long at 1.2920, target 1.3100, stop-loss 1.2830

EUR/USD: More and more bullish signals.

(bullish outlook in the medium term)

The main event for the EUR/USD this week is the FOMC meeting on Wednesday. We expect further USD 10bn reduction in the pace of monthly asset purchases. Interest rates will be left unchanged. In conjunction with the meeting, the Fed will release an update of its economic forecasts, which will include projections for 2017. We expect the Fed to be less dovish in its forward guidance. In the opinion of GrowthAces.com the Fed is likely to drop the word “significant” in the sentence: “() a range of labor market indicators suggests that there remains significant underutilization of labor resources.” We also think that the Fed could replace the word “considerable” in the guidance that the first rate hike will only come “a considerable time after the asset purchase program ends.”

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Some relief for the EUR/USD come from the Prime Minister Manuel Valls winning the confidence vote in France on Tuesday (September 16). A defeat could potentially lead to new elections. In our opinion it is unlikely that there will be a significant number of Socialists who are ready to bring down the government., especially knowing that in this case they would be reducing their chances of obtaining a seat in the new elections.

The seasonally adjusted trade surplus of the Euro zone narrowed again to USD 12.2 bn in July from USD 13.8 bn in June, due to a 0.2 monthly fall in export values and a 0.9% rise in import values. July’s euro-zone figures suggest that net trade continued to contribute poorly to GDP growth at the start of the third quarter, after making a negligible contribution to GDP in the previous quarter. Exporters continue to face problems due to crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia.

The EUR/USD opened today’s Asian session at 1.2965 and increased to a day’s high at 1.2980. The EUR/USD will likely consolidate ahead of the FOMC decision on Wednesday. Bullish hammer on the weekly candles last week is a buy signal for the EUR/USD. We see double top on the charts at 1.2980 which is the nearest strong resistance level. The 21-dma at 1.3106 is pivotal to the currency bulls. GrowthAces.com went long on the EUR/USD at 1.2920.

Significant technical analysis’ levels:

Resistance: 1.2980 (high Sep 15), 1.2990 (high Sep 5), 1.3030 (recovery high Sep 4)

Support: 1.2859 (low Sep 9), 1.2788 (61.8% of 1.2042-1.3995), 1.2755 (low Jul 9, 2013)

GBP/USD: Scotland’s independence vote is still too close to call.

(still long, expecting “No” vote on Thursday)

The Sunday Times released a poll conducted by the Panelbase company giving a small advantage to those favoring Scotland’s remaining in the United Kingdom, 50.6%, compared to 49.4% for supporters of independence.

The broadest “No” advantage was in the Opinium poll for The Observer, the Sunday edition of the daily The Guardian, which gave 47% to the “Yes” vote and 53% to those wanting Scotland to remain in the U.K.

The survey shows a similar result to that released Saturday by Survation, which gives an 8-point advantage to the “No” option – 54% to 46%.

The survey carried out for the Sunday Telegraph by ICM, on the other hand, shows the same advantage for the “Yes” vote – 54% to 46% – according to a sample of 705 people.

The GBP/USD rallied to test the 38.2% of 1.6645-1.6052 at 1.6279 overnight but retreated. We keep our long position expecting “No” on Thursday.

Significant technical analysis’ levels:

Resistance: 1.6279 (38.2% of 1.6645-1.6052), 1.6340 (high Sep 5), 1.6358 (recovery high Sep 4)

Support: 1.6205 (low Sep 12), 1.6187 (low Sep 11), 1.6052 (low Sep 10)

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