By Kenny I. Vessel

Bed bugs and dust mites. Certainly bed bugs are in the news yet are these two pests the same? Or are beddy bugs and tiny crawly dust mites the same? If you get rid and exterminate one do you still have toe other or are you generally rid of both of these bedding and bed time overnight pests? Dust mites are extremely small creatures which are invisible to everyone, but their effects can be observed by those who have allergies to them. They live in such a world that you may never think of. May be it is the time to discuss about this world and learn something about these creatures that may torment you.

What They Are:

The length of a Dust mite is about half a millimeter. They are not so amusing to look at; they are as like tiny spiders. By chance they are too small to bite or sting, but they can cause serious harm to you and your family members in different ways.

What They Do:


There are so many people who have allergies to these small creatures. Normally they consume microscopic organic materials. Typically these creatures like small flakes of human skin, which are cast off. Some people can be affected by the matters of dust mites. They can result a number of respiratory concerns. Coughing and sneezing are their common effects. Other common trouble of these tiny creatures is asthma attacks and breathing problems. They can also result an itchy throat, runny nose and nasal passage. Symptoms of hay fever are also a common effect.

Where They Live:

Dust mites are microscopic animals. They like to live in bedrooms. This is due to the reason that they are very fond of bedding materials. They love humidity and warmth locations. Areas like pillows are their most favorite place to reproduce. They like this areas because they get warmth from saliva and perspiration.

Eliminating Their Effects:

The best way to get relieve from these tiny creatures is to clean your home thoroughly. Particularly it is vital for bedrooms. If you shampoo and clean your carpets, it would be better for you. Most times they can be found in the carpeting and drapes. So, clean all bedding and this may be the only one way to get relief from their fecal matter. If you apply a clothes dryer after washing all the bedding, it would be enough to destroy these things.

Another want to get rid of these little pests is to keep your bedding clean and apply a clothes dryer for a few minutes. It is a good option to kill them. However if you reduce the humidity of your room below 50%, it may also destroy these tiny creatures. Thats why the threat of these pests is less in winter.


There are several little pests that exist in your home, which you may not know. They are so small that you cannot observe them in open eyes, but they can make you cough and sneeze. They are very fond of humid and warm locations. If you want to remain safe from these pests, try to keep your carpets and bedding dry and clean. To get rid of them, clean your house regularly and heat your bedding by clothes dryer.

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