Dual flush toilets 101



Dual flush toilets are a great way of decreasing the water usage in your household. Dual flush toilet uses the latest technology in sanitary engineering which saves you almost a gallon of water per flush. This provides you with a money saving and aesthetically pleasing toilet.

Many countries and communities have water shortages every year resulting from drought and other reasons. Many cities impose heavy water restrictions and puts a maximum amount of water you can use per household.


Let’s talk about why a dual flush toilet is something that you would want to think about. We all know that toilet uses tremendous amount of water during each flush. An Australian inventor working for a well known bathroom supply company came up with an ingenious way of solving this problem. He realized that a liquid waste would not need as much water as a solid waste and came up with the idea of the dual flush. Essentially, this type of toilet system has 2 options of flushing, one is the big flush for solid waste one is the little flush for liquid waste.


Dual flush toilet

system saves about 50% of the water that would typically go to waste. You would definitely see a sharp decrease in your water bill. This helps protect the environment which will undoubtedly give you a self satisfaction. The dual flush toilet system clogs less because of its larger pathway which means less work for you. Because of the way its designed, instead of flushing the bowl by rushing water through it like the traditional toilet, it rises the water up and drains it.

This leads to a much, much quieter flush and giving you a peace of mind while youre answering natures call. With all the savings and perks of the

Dual flush toilets

, you would definitely want this technological innovation.

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Dual flush toilets

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