What If He Doesn’t Text Me Back?


Sheila Hobson

In these days of lighting fast computers, fast information and instant text messaging, it may be a little disconcerting when the guy you care about doesn’t always text you back immediately.


In order to keep your relationship intact, you need to just relax first off and then consider the possible reasons why he might not be texting you back. For starters the guy could be busy at work and unable to respond immediately, his phone may have gone dead due to a low battery charge or a dead signal zone or the phone may even have been dropped into a toilet. The worst thing you can do is to start sending text messages one after the other saying, why aren’t you replying to my texts. This type of behavior sets you up as being the needy person in the relationship. The one who is totally insecure. You need to just relax and wait at least twenty-four hours before jumping to any conclusions or going off in a direction that can jeopardize everything. What you can do next is to send a short but simple ping text of about three to five words to check things out. The other stupid mistake you can make is start saying the wrong things in your messages. This will surely spell disaster for any relationship. Once they have been sent, you can’t take them back.You also don’t want to come across as the pushy, dominating partner. When the guy reads your text with this type of message, he will wonder what happened to that wonderful careful girl he met in the park that day. He’ll get the wrong feelings in his mind and his gut reactions will cause him to reconsider what he has gotten himself into with this woman. These signals that he receives from you will cause him to start pulling away and be more distant in any further contacts you may have with him. There are ways to deal with all of the crazy thoughts that are going though your head right now and dooming your present relationship and any future hopes for the altar. Take a moment, relax and just remember there are dozens of different things that may have caused him to not text you back. Give him a chance to respond. When he does, he will probably explain why. If he doesn’t text you back, the next time you meet, even though you would love to just come out and tell him what you think, let him bring up the matter. This will place you in a better position with him and not project you as the needy and clinging one in the relationship.

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What If He Doesn’t Text Me Back?