Pay Per Click Advertising Keep Your “Search” &Amp; “Content” Ads Separate Or You’ll Lose Money

Pay Per Click Advertising – Keep Your “Search” & “Content” Ads Separate Or You’ll Lose Money by GuitarjoePay Per Click Advertising has become an extremely popular method for generating website traffic, building lists of qualified prospects in specific niches, making sales and, in some cases, reaching prospects around the world where it wouldn’t have been either feasible or likely using traditional advertising methods.Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising, if used correctly, can set you on a path to potential financial independence, but used incorrectly, you can lose your shirt, fast. It’s very important for newcomers to get the proper Pay Per Click education by reading one of the excellent books on Pay Per Click Advertising before actually getting in the trenches and spending money.There are several different companies that you can choose for your advertising campaigns, Google Adwords, MSN, Yahoo Search Marketing, Kanoodle, Enhance and many more, but the undisputed king of Pay Per Click Marketing is Google Adwords. Google has changed their advertising rules several times now since opening their doors at the early part of this decade, but still has an enormous following. It’s estimated that Google gets apx. 47% of all searches being done on the Internet with Yahoo second at 23%, followed by MSN at 11%. Number two and three combined don’t get as much traffic on a regular basis as Google does. This means that placing your ad there can potentially bring you a lot of qualified traffic. It also means that the competition for that traffic will be fierce and potentially very expensive, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Read on.One of the most recent changes that occurred at Google was the ability to separate “Search Ads” and “Content Ads” within your campaigns. When you advertise using Google Adwords your ads will not only be displayed within the Google search engine, but also may be placed on other people’s websites that have related subject matter and also on some of their “Partner Networks”. Some of these partners are other PPC Advertising companies just like themselves, but on a much smaller scale.For you as an advertiser it’s very important that you keep these two entities separate when running your campaign. You now have the option to either pay less money for the traffic you receive through the Content ads or you can eliminate them from your campaign entirely. I recommend that, if you do choose to run them, even at a lower cost, you set up an entirely different campaign. I know that it sounds like a big hassle, but there’s a good reason for this. That reason is tracking your ads. If you don’t track your ads then you are losing money. It’s important that you know exactly where your clicks and sales are coming from in order to eliminate waste and only pay for what’s actually working. It’s virtually impossible to do this when you have both Search and Content running in the same campaign.If you’re new this may seem like a lot of “chatter” to you. If that’s the case, I highly recommend that you invest in a good book on Pay Per Click Advertising, as mentioned above. If you’re not new, but this seems like a lot of extra work to you, think of it this way; you could be doing a labor job somewhere or continue in your day job for the rest of your life. Which seems worse now? Besides, once you get it set up correctly you’ll be able to get rid of the garbage, only pay for what works, increase your profits by redirecting the money that you were wasting into another area of your advertising portfolio and increase your bottom line by doing so. Does it still sound like too much work? Get those campaigns set up right the first time. Good luck!Pay Per Click Advertising Can Either Make You Money or Cost You A Fortune. Learn Expert Tactics And Resources For Pay Per Click Marketers at or by clicking on PPC Advertizing Services. Joe Stewart is a Webmaster and Internet Marketer That Earns A Living By Using Pay Per Click Marketing And SEO.Article Source:

How To Make Money Using Plr E Books, Articles &Amp; Other Content Of A Ghost Writer

By Diana Barnum

There are numerous ways to earn money online – from Google AdSense to online stores. One of these many ways is through the use of private label rights (PLR), the right to revise and use content provided by a ghost writer (according to the license sold with the content); ebooks, reports, articles, website templates, sales letters, autoresponder messages, videos and other formats. For now, we’ll refer to all content as “ebooks” in this short info article.

PLR ebooks are available on nearly every topic under the sun, and each one of them comes with its individual license agreement. They are beneficial to business people both as a source of information and as a product that can be marketed in different ways. However, due to the often sloppy presentation and packaging of the content, their true value is often underestimated by most people seeking to make money through the Internet.

Some of the ways in which PLR materials can generate revenue are:

— Resale – Some PLR content permit resale of the product as it is. This is a direct route to making a profit.

— Redistribution and of data – The articles, autoresponder messages and other data from one PLR source can be redistributed to form several PLR ebooks, for example, or several PLR ebooks can be compiled to form a single new PLR ebook. Or using the same collection of articles, a person can generate several smaller collections to serve different, user-specific needs.

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— Offering free PLR ebooks or other items as an incentive to buy products from your site – This will attract more people to a site due to the added bonus they get from buying a product from there.

— Free PLR ebooks, videos and or other items as incentive to subscribe to a newsletter -A free gift with an online subscription will push more potential customers to click the ‘subscribe’ button, and thus get frequent updates about your business through their very email. A larger opt-in list is, of course, a good thing for any online business.

— Rewriting and revising the PLR content or parts thereof is a valuable alternative. You can certainly help improve the end product for your shoppers, especially if the original format of the content is substandard, not the best quality or focused product you’d like to have out there branded with your company name on it. Adding your own images, quotes and stats, for example, and rewriting the opening and conclusion can even help carve a more unique product for you in a competitive marketplace where others are using PLR content from the same source. In fact, rewriting a PLR product can help enhance the value of the information present in it as well as get your message across to readers through its content. Marketing of rewritten PLR articles, for instance, has become a booming industry; there is no reason not to do the same thing with PLR ebooks, autoresponder messages and more.

— Offer PLR ebooks and other content with other online business tools as a package deal or starter kit – Many people today in a busy world, online and off, love being spoon fed, and fledgling businessmen are no exception. An ebook containing all the information they need, for instance, coupled with a website template and sales page is an attractive package for anyone wanting to start an online business.

Other Items to Note

While trying to make money through PLR ebooks, videos, sales letters, website templates, articles and other data, always read the user license agreement carefully. Some PLR ebooks and other content permit resale and reproduction of content in compilations etc, while others are more stringent. Try to get hold of PLR ebooks and packages with Master Resell Rights, which allow you to resell the ebook as-is, repackage the content to optimize it for your business, or include it as a freebie to increase your opt-in list.

In this age of information marketing, PLR ebooks and other content are a great way to make some money through an online business and enhance business offline with print productions, CDs, DVDs and other physical products. PLR materials often require little monetary investment compared to what original product creation would otherwise cost. In addition, they require little maintenance with revision work here and there to keep the items updated over time, low time investment and can generate quick and large profit. In other words, PLR ebooks and other content are a business person’s dream come true.

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Writing Fast How To Write Anything With Lightning Speed: My Top 10 Tips For Fast Article Writing

By Lisa R. Brown

Writing fast is nothing than a habit. It means potentially anyone can write articles quickly. The only trick is being patient and developing a habit day by day. If you also want to become a speedy writer and earn more than your competitors, then find out below top 10 tips for fast article writing.

Writing Fast: How To Write Anything With Lightning Speed?

Here are My Top 10 Tips for Fast Article Writing:

1.Write Several Articles Without Any Pause.

When you write a few articles one by one without any interruption, you can focus better and work more productively. Believe me, as an experienced writer and article marketer I’ve use this tactic every day and it always really works for me. This habit will even increase your regular writing speed.

2.Write On Familiar Subjects.

When you are acknowledged or an expert on any topic, you will not lose extra time for research. Therefore I myself choose the affiliate product which I’m comfortable with when it comes to marketing them using article promotion campaigns. I mean when I have good knowledge or expertise on certain niche I can earn even more by writing more articles to increase my affiliate article marketing profits.

3.Waste Minimum Time For Research.

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If you need some information before writing on any subject, refer to only 1-2 sources. Don’t lose more time for research. Never try to be perfect, it is enough to write helpful and useful articles.

4.Rewrite Ready Articles.

You can read others’ articles and rewrite them in your own words and ideas. Always add some uniqueness to each article you are writing. Never copy others’ ideas.

5.Write Basic Content And Divide It Into Multiple Articles.

Write a long article included with 5-10 tips and then produce new content per each tip. I always use this tactic to maximize my writing speed.

6.Use Article Writing Software.

Like many writers, you can use article writing software for fast article writing. Choose only the best article writing software. I myself use Instant Article Wizard which provides maximum uniqueness for each article it produces.

7.Use Article Rewriting Software.

Many writers use this tool to rewrite ready PLR articles instead of writing new content from scratch.

8.Use Speech-To-Type Software.

Use the software that can type your speech for more productivity when it comes to writing faster than ever.

9.Write From Your Head.

It is always easier and speedier to write articles when you use only your head instead of long researches and multiple resources that waste more time. I myself always prefer write from my own head to produce as many articles as possible throughout a day.

10.Use Ready Article Writing Templates.

You can use ready article templates to speed up your writing. Choose clean style templates to really write articles fast than usual. Write in the style which is most comfortable for you.


I’m sure that even if you use only one or two of the above mentioned fast article writing tips, you will be able to write anything with lightning speed. Writing fast will turn into your daily habit.

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Phone Match Best Friends Matching You Up With Partners Over The Phone

By Michael Francis

In case you are planning for phone dating, make sure you are not taking your first conversation lightheartedly as the success and failure of any relationship in pone dating depends upon the initial calls. As the popular saying goes ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, it is essential to know someone through phone match, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Many a times it is seen that men take their first conversation in a light hearted way. Of course is difficult to get on with a conversation to phone match in the first call, but is essential to break the ice and make your partner comfortable. Hiding one identity and pretending, as someone else is not a good way to start off with a new relationship, and it can be detrimental in long run.

So, it is very important to know your own feeling before going for phone match. In case one is not looking for a serious relationship, it is important to know more about the partner. For those who are looking for innocent pleasure and fun in relationships, they should not dally with the emotions of unassuming individuals that are looking for a committed person.

Having said so, if your best friend is matching you up with your future life partner; the acquaintance of common friend lays as a testimony to the genuineness of an individual along with his/her intentions about a relationship.

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So, going forward with the phone match, make sure you are looking forward to a good conversation with your prospective partner and make your intentions clear in the most polite and suitable way. Doing this, will lead to a genuine relationship that can even materialize as conjugal bliss.

So, in case you are going forth with the idea of phone match, keep all these things in mind so as to start a positive relationship. It may be possible that the first few conversations may not lead to an instant result, as making a commitment is an important issue. So, take your sweet time in interacting with your partner and soon you will come to a positive conclusion. This will help you in building trust in relationship and knowing the partner in a perfect way.

So, if you are looking forward to a first phone match or dating, make sure you are following the above said tips and making the best of your relationship. Always remember that a healthy relationship is that relation that is based on mutual trust.

During a phone match, make sure you are following the courtesies of looking partners through friends and acquaintances. In order to have a blooming relationship, be prepared to be entered into a relationship with an open mind. It may be possible that person you are talking for the first time may appeal to you and vice a versa.

Finally, be prepared for every kind of situation while going for a phone match session. So, make the best of your phone match while going into a new relationship courtesy to the telecommunication technology via phone!

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Chat Line


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