Writing Fast How To Write Anything With Lightning Speed: My Top 10 Tips For Fast Article Writing

By Lisa R. Brown

Writing fast is nothing than a habit. It means potentially anyone can write articles quickly. The only trick is being patient and developing a habit day by day. If you also want to become a speedy writer and earn more than your competitors, then find out below top 10 tips for fast article writing.

Writing Fast: How To Write Anything With Lightning Speed?

Here are My Top 10 Tips for Fast Article Writing:

1.Write Several Articles Without Any Pause.

When you write a few articles one by one without any interruption, you can focus better and work more productively. Believe me, as an experienced writer and article marketer I’ve use this tactic every day and it always really works for me. This habit will even increase your regular writing speed.

2.Write On Familiar Subjects.

When you are acknowledged or an expert on any topic, you will not lose extra time for research. Therefore I myself choose the affiliate product which I’m comfortable with when it comes to marketing them using article promotion campaigns. I mean when I have good knowledge or expertise on certain niche I can earn even more by writing more articles to increase my affiliate article marketing profits.

3.Waste Minimum Time For Research.

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If you need some information before writing on any subject, refer to only 1-2 sources. Don’t lose more time for research. Never try to be perfect, it is enough to write helpful and useful articles.

4.Rewrite Ready Articles.

You can read others’ articles and rewrite them in your own words and ideas. Always add some uniqueness to each article you are writing. Never copy others’ ideas.

5.Write Basic Content And Divide It Into Multiple Articles.

Write a long article included with 5-10 tips and then produce new content per each tip. I always use this tactic to maximize my writing speed.

6.Use Article Writing Software.

Like many writers, you can use article writing software for fast article writing. Choose only the best article writing software. I myself use Instant Article Wizard which provides maximum uniqueness for each article it produces.

7.Use Article Rewriting Software.

Many writers use this tool to rewrite ready PLR articles instead of writing new content from scratch.

8.Use Speech-To-Type Software.

Use the software that can type your speech for more productivity when it comes to writing faster than ever.

9.Write From Your Head.

It is always easier and speedier to write articles when you use only your head instead of long researches and multiple resources that waste more time. I myself always prefer write from my own head to produce as many articles as possible throughout a day.

10.Use Ready Article Writing Templates.

You can use ready article templates to speed up your writing. Choose clean style templates to really write articles fast than usual. Write in the style which is most comfortable for you.


I’m sure that even if you use only one or two of the above mentioned fast article writing tips, you will be able to write anything with lightning speed. Writing fast will turn into your daily habit.

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