By Michael Francis

In case you are planning for phone dating, make sure you are not taking your first conversation lightheartedly as the success and failure of any relationship in pone dating depends upon the initial calls. As the popular saying goes ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, it is essential to know someone through phone match, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Many a times it is seen that men take their first conversation in a light hearted way. Of course is difficult to get on with a conversation to phone match in the first call, but is essential to break the ice and make your partner comfortable. Hiding one identity and pretending, as someone else is not a good way to start off with a new relationship, and it can be detrimental in long run.

So, it is very important to know your own feeling before going for phone match. In case one is not looking for a serious relationship, it is important to know more about the partner. For those who are looking for innocent pleasure and fun in relationships, they should not dally with the emotions of unassuming individuals that are looking for a committed person.

Having said so, if your best friend is matching you up with your future life partner; the acquaintance of common friend lays as a testimony to the genuineness of an individual along with his/her intentions about a relationship.


So, going forward with the phone match, make sure you are looking forward to a good conversation with your prospective partner and make your intentions clear in the most polite and suitable way. Doing this, will lead to a genuine relationship that can even materialize as conjugal bliss.

So, in case you are going forth with the idea of phone match, keep all these things in mind so as to start a positive relationship. It may be possible that the first few conversations may not lead to an instant result, as making a commitment is an important issue. So, take your sweet time in interacting with your partner and soon you will come to a positive conclusion. This will help you in building trust in relationship and knowing the partner in a perfect way.

So, if you are looking forward to a first phone match or dating, make sure you are following the above said tips and making the best of your relationship. Always remember that a healthy relationship is that relation that is based on mutual trust.

During a phone match, make sure you are following the courtesies of looking partners through friends and acquaintances. In order to have a blooming relationship, be prepared to be entered into a relationship with an open mind. It may be possible that person you are talking for the first time may appeal to you and vice a versa.

Finally, be prepared for every kind of situation while going for a phone match session. So, make the best of your phone match while going into a new relationship courtesy to the telecommunication technology via phone!

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