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Coming from the land of the Queen, drinking is a religion and drinking together is an even bigger religion. Every business hub will have a pub within walking distance and that is where everyone throngs at lunchtime, for business meetings and definitely the place to go to on Friday evenings. Sometimes although we do like our drink, it tends to become monotonous if we keep on frequenting the same bars and even if we change drinking holes, it still boils down to the same monotony, just a different venue.

We are British and we always like to bring that little bit of excitement now and then so one Friday, rather than going to our local watering hole, we all decided to go to Calais in France. Calais is a few hours drive from London. From London, you drive to Dover and get on the ferry to Calais and from Calais.. well you are in France so its party time. The best bit about going to France for a knees-up is that the booze there is also cheaper. What more do I want? Cheap booze, great company and the Eiffel Tower in one weekend!

The biggest problem for us drivers is that we cannot drink if we are going to be driving, but that does not worry us anymore. Thanks to sites like covoiturage Europe and site covoiturage France, we can get find drivers going to where we want to go and are more than happy to take us along. Problem solved. Drivers benefit, we benefit and no driving, just drinking, drinking and more drinking! Apart from the drink, it is also very cost effective for us to carpool, not only to France but wherever we fancy because covoiturage Europe is a religion that is being practised all over Europe.

Once you come to France, well you can go anywhere and everywhere by carpooling because here everyone tends to do just that. Once you reach Calais it is only about three hours driving time to the most romantic city on earth, Paris. Whether you want to visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, Notre Dame du Paris or Champs Elysees, you just need to post your request or look up on Site Covoiturage France and there will always be someone ready to share his or her car with you.


You must be thinking what I am ranting about all this time, talking about carpooling. Carpooling is a system whereby a driver offers to takes on a few passengers to his destination for a set amount of rates to help pay towards his petrol costs. The beauty of carpooling is that the driver is going to his destination anyway and he has spare seats that he can put to good use. You, on the other hand, also want to go to his destination without using public transport and not paying exorbitant travel fares. Carpooling provides both of you a win-win alternative.

Drivers and passengers find each other through sites like site covoiturage France, reputed business sites whereby the drivers profiles and ride reviews are open for all to see so that they can make an informed decision on who they want to travel with.

A greener, healthier way to travel anywhere, whether it is for shopping to the carnival or even a weekend booze up in France, carpooling is definitely the ideal way to travel today, tomorrow and the future.

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