Soft Furnishings Ideas

Soft Furnishings Ideas


Ujwala Gawas

The decor of every home needs to be reinvented every now and again and with the huge variety of soft furnishings available to you it can be an easy and fun project to undertake. You should find it an easy task to make your home more stylish and individual.

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Each individual household is designed according to the requirements and style of the person living there. Culture, age group and personal preferences are all factors that contribute to making one home different from another. Heavy furnishings like furniture and fixtures can be hard to replace generally because of the high costs involved. Soft furnishings on the other hand are affordable and can allow you to make over your home with every change of the seasons. The fundamental parts of home decor are things like bed linen, tapestry, cushions, upholstery, table covers, curtains and rugs. By making the right use of these soft furnishings you can add colour and zest to your home. His can also be done by choosing the right fabrics, prints and colours. Think about things like the stitching on pillows and cushions as trends change from time to time. Traditional and more formal home decor puts a lot of emphasis on the embellishment of soft furnishings. The use of rich colours mixed with gold give off a more formal and stylish look and a combination of bright colours and rich fabrics like silk and brocade will accentuate your stylish living. If you are interested in more formal decor then things like heavily worked cushions and table tops are perfect for you. When purchasing a rug you should make sure that it compliments the colour theme you have. Rugs can be oriental or plain and be pure wool or synthetic, there is a huge choice out there. If you have upholstery or tapestry these are easy to change and by doing this you can create an entirely new effect in your home. Bare walls can give the impression of an empty room and wall hangings are a good way to prevent this. Curtains are the most prominent and essential feature of any room. You can also show off your individuality by choosing the right set of curtains. Keep in mind the size of your windows as curtains for a large house with big windows can be more elaborate whereas in a small apartment they will detract from your decor. If you have a sea view through your window then using sheer curtains is a wonderful idea, otherwise beautiful curtains in bright colours are a good alternative if you wish to hide the outside view. There is such a wide variety of curtains that you will be able to cater to your own personal requirements and different rooms.

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Soft Furnishings

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