How To Decrease Heat Gains To Put Less Strain On Commercial Air Conditioning Units In Pasadena, Tx

byAlma Abell

In order to determine whether or not Commercial Air Conditioning Units in Pasadena TX are an appropriate cooling solution, commercial building owners need to know a few things about their spaces. Often there are simple steps that can be taken to decrease heat gains during hot summer months that can impact the amount of energy required to keep commercial spaces cool.

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Heat can enter buildings through leaks, but it can also be absorbed through walls, ceilings, and floors. One long term solution to reducing external heat gains is to install better insulation. Most people think of this as a technique to help hold in the heat in cool places, but the same properties allow it to keep hot air out in hot ones. In addition to preventing these external heat sources, property owners can also watt compact fluorescent lights can make a large difference. Appliances and people can also create internal heat gains, although often these are more difficult to avoid.

The first step toward creating a more energy efficient indoor environment is to determine whether outside air is entering the space. This can be accomplished via a blower door test. If it appears as though large amounts of hot air are entering through leaks around doors, windows, or elsewhere steps can be taken to seal them. Although this process costs a little bit of money, it will save on energy bills further down the line. An even simpler, although more expensive, way to save on AC bills in highly trafficked commercial buildings is to install a revolving door. They allow for less heat exchange than their conventional counterparts, often facilitating the installation of smaller units.

Of course for business owners that rent commercial property many of these solutions are not feasible. This may mean that a larger unit will be required to keep the temperature comfortable for customers. An HVAC technician who specializes in Commercial Air Conditioning Units in Pasadena TX such as those employed by Air-Care Southeast Inc will typically take heat gains and ventilation in mind when calculating unit size.

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