Enjoy The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening In Bowie, Md

byAlma Abell

Teeth whitening is typically something that people look at as a luxury and consider to be a procedure enjoyed by celebrities and other well-known public figures. The truth of the matter is that this procedure is not only now more cost-effective than ever but fast and simple to complete so that patients arrive at the dental facility, receive the service, and then leave within the same hour. No matter the reason you have to try this option for your teeth, the results will surely shock you when you look in the mirror for the first time after leaving the dentist’s chair.

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Fast and Lasting

Although your teeth naturally yellow over time as the enamel is worn off, teeth whitening procedures allow you to brighten the color of your teeth by as many as eight shades in a way that will last years. Although you do need to ensure that you brush your teeth twice daily at a minimum and that you practice good oral hygiene, this procedure offered by facilities such as Bowie Dental Wellness will offer years of beautiful white smiles. You deserve nothing less than this high, lasting quality and the sudden brightness of your smile may yet be all that you need to feel confident going about your daily routine.

Easy to Book

Teeth whitening in Bowie, MD is a procedure lasting no longer than a single hour from start to finish and some dentists may even complete the procedure with spectacular results in as few as thirty minutes. This exceptionally fast procedure will allow you to book the service on your lunch break, before or after work or school, or during any other small window of time that you have during your busy days. You deserve nothing less than the very best and this type of procedure will provide this without emptying your wallet along the way or leaving you unsatisfied with the results.

What Are Dental Bridges In Detroit, Mi?

byAlma Abell

There are several different ways to replace missing or damaged teeth. If you have only one or two teeth missing, you can choose implants, partial dentures, or bridges. Dental bridges are one of the most popular options for replacing teeth. They’re more permanent than partial dentures, but they do not have a surgical component as implants do. Implants are anchored into the gums to be permanent fixtures in your mouth. Partial dentures are designed to just fit over the gums and likely need to be glued in place. Bridges are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth. They are wedged between your existing teeth and the pressure holds them in place.

The Ease of Installation

If you are looking for dental bridges in Detroit, MI, you need to schedule an appointment. The dentist will most likely give you a temporary bridge to tide you over until the permanent bridge can be fabricated. To be fabricated, the dentist will take maps of your existing teeth. They’ll then mold a pair of replacement teeth to match your existing teeth in size, shape, and color. Until that happens, you’ll likely get a temporary bridge.

You can learn more form DiPilla and Associates. They do great work on implants, bridges, and other dental work.

Cleaning Them

Dental bridges are popular because they don’t require surgery. Also, they’re popular since you will be able to clean them much like you clean your natural teeth. Depending on the type of material for your bridges, you might just brush them and floss like your natural teeth. In some cases, the teeth will need to go into a denture solution from time to time. You should ask your dentist about what solution might be right for you. They will provide you with advice to help you determine how best to keep your teeth in great shape.

Calcium And Magnesium Needs For Pregnancy And Postpartum}

Submitted by: Dr. Dean Raffelock

As a nursing mom you need about 1200 milligrams of absorbable calcium per day. Calcium is a mineral that the body uses for many things: during pregnancy it helps form baby’s bones and teeth along with helping make breast milk, regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, water balance in the cells and muscle contractions. There are many foods in addition to vitamin supplements which will help you increase your calcium.

During pregnancy and lactation your body uses calcium that is stored in your bones to build your baby’s skeletal system and help form breast milk. So not only does baby need calcium, but you do too! If baby is taking stored calcium from your body during the nursing process, it makes sense to both take a calcium supplement and eat calcium rich foods. The bonuses for getting the right amount of calcium will mean stronger bones for you and helping you to avoid osteoporosis. There have been studies, which show that postpartum women getting sufficient calcium, more easily reclaim their pre-pregnancy weight.

Taking the right kind of calcium is crucial. The majority of prenatal vitamins are very poor quality and contain a form of calcium called calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is from stones and shells and very difficult for your body to digest and utilize. Blood tests that show how well calcium is absorbed into your cells reveal that a form of calcium called calcium citrate is the form of calcium best absorbed. 600 mg of calcium citrate is absorbed better than 1200 mg. of calcium carbonate. It is also very important that you take your calcium separately from iron because these two minerals compete with each other and can block the absorption of both. I recommend you take a morning high quality prenatal vitamin that contains iron and no calcium and that you take a calcium citrate (600 mg.) and magnesium citrate supplement (in a one to one ratio) at night. The nighttime calcium and magnesium supplement will often help you sleep better too.

The Recommended Daily Allowance

The Daily allowance for women is 1200 milligrams during pregnancy and lactation. Most prenatal vitamins do not contain enough, easy to absorb calcium. . Many doctors now tell new mothers to continue taking their prenatal vitamin for several months after pregnancy. So while nutritional support after pregnancy is a good idea, your prenatal, in most instances, will not supply you with sufficient calcium. Do not expect your prenatal vitamin to support your post pregnancy needs.

To take 1200 units of calcium as a supplement, you would need to take it more than once per day for the body to process and metabolize it. This creates a dilemma if you are taking a multiple vitamin that contains iron, as iron and calcium are best absorbed into the body separately.

We at Sound Formulas Recommend

That you get half of your calcium from vitamin supplementation and half from food sources. Take calcium at night away from your other nutrients and eat a diet in calcium rich foods. Here is a list of calcium rich foods:

Each food listed below is based upon milligrams per 100 grams of an edible portion = a 3 ounce serving size

Nutbutters such as almond, hazelnut and sunflowerhave around 60 to 70 milligrams of calcium.

Add vinegar or lemon juice when cooking dried beans or leafy greens. This aids in calcium availability and decreases gas formation.

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Food Increased Calcium Intake

Kelp 1093


Cheddar Cheese750

Dulse 296

Collard Greens250

Turnip 246

Barbados Molasses 245

Almonds 234

Brewers Yeast 210

Corn Tortilla 200

Cooked Salmon 140

Cooked Soybeans 150

Water Cress 151

Goat Milk 129

Dried Figs 126

Sunflower Seeds 120

Whole Milk 118

Buttermilk 121

Cottage Cheese 94

Spinach 93

Cooked Lentils 25

*Each food listed above is based upon milligrams per 100 grams of an edible portion = or a 3 ounce serving size.

Research shows that the nutrient magnesium may play an important role in health. It may aid in regulating blood pressure, and may be of benefit for premenstrual disturbances and fatigue. And magnesium deficiencies may be far more common in the United States than doctors realize. The recommended daily intake of magnesium is around 300 milligrams per day. Add to that another 100 milligrams if you are pregnant or nursing.

Magnesium plays a role in the synthesis of proteins and this makes the mineral important for the health of tissues in the body. Like calcium, magnesium (about 60% of it) is found in the bones. The remaining 40% is found in muscle and soft tissue. In teeth, magnesium interacts with calcium to maintain tooth enamel. It may interact with calcium in other ways too as most calcium rich foods also supply a good source of magnesium. Like calcium, magnesium is a mineral that helps to promote relaxation.

Take calcium/magnesium vitamin supplements to promote restful sleep and provide you with nutrients your body needs and you need to be sure to eat calcium rich foods such as the ones listed.

Dr. Dean Raffelock is the author of A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health, Avery- 2003. He has been in practice since 1977 and has a holistic practice in Boulder, CO. He has earned four board certifications (clinical nutrition, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, chiropractic) in the holistic arts. He is the president of Sound Formulations a company that formulates and manufactures science-based nutritional products for numerous companies. He is also the Vice President of Research and Development for Sound Formulas (soundformulas.com) – a company dedicated to providing women health information and top tier nutritional supplements.

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