Don T Blow Your Wedding Budget On The Reception

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Believe it or not, many couples end up spending the majority of their budget on the reception instead of the actual wedding ceremony. That is because they want to make the event very nice and that can really add up to a ton of money in the end. You don t need to blow your wedding budget on the reception though if you plan it very carefully. Just one bad decision can end up costing you a ton of money. Don t compare what you spend on it to what someone else did for theirs either.

It is very common to send out separate invitations for the wedding and the reception. This is because sometimes a couple will invite people to the wedding and reception and others are only invited to join for the reception. If you are inviting people to both then place a card in with the wedding invitation to tell them so. It will cut down on postage as well as the time it takes you to get this part of the process taken care of.

You can have a huge wedding reception but still do it for a low cost if you plan things correctly. I am not talking about getting cheap looking decorations or a wedding cake that looks like it was made from someone that didn t have a clue what they were doing. You want to be able to take pride in the way your wedding reception turns out and that is understandable.

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However, the reality of it is that at the end of the wedding reception most of the decorations will end up in the trash. With that being said find them on sale and even look for discontinued items. Many stores and especially the internet have them for sale. You can even mix and match items to come up with a great theme if you don t have enough of the same decoration to go around. The fact that it looks intentional means that people will see creativity on your end and not a method that was used to save you money.

Take the time to compare prices on what you need to pay for in the way of services for the wedding. The cost of the location, the music, the cake, the flowers, and the food can all be negotiated. You don t have to hire a top notch caterer in order to have a wedding reception with food that people will enjoy. You also don t need to pay for real flowers when you can get imitations that look real for a fraction of that cost. The plus to that is your guests can take these fake flowers home as a keepsake at the end of the night.

If you have referrals for such things make sure you follow up on them. Make sure you secure people for your wedding help well in advance. A common additional cost for a wedding reception is when those costs have to be added at the end due to someone not following through. The more prepared you are for your wedding reception the more you can save money.

Evaluate your choices for all elements of it carefully. You want to be able to have a great wedding reception but you don t have to blow a huge portion of your wedding budget to do so. In fact, you will feel good knowing that you were able to accomplish all of it for a very low cost. Wedding receptions can look quite elegant and fun without costing a fortune so be ready for the challenge and for a wonderful occasion.

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