byAlma Abell

Of the most important aspects of the hospitality industry is customer service. This is more than just having a beautiful hotel and great front desk service; it extends to each and every aspect of the guest’s stay and ever interaction with each member of the staff from the valet to the hotel manager. Tracking this has never been easier with the development of fully customized hospitality management system programs.

Collecting Data


One of the most important features of any hospitality management system software package is the ability to collect the data that is relevant to your specific needs. As a manager there are specific areas that you want to be able to focus in on to ensure that your guests have the most positive experience in your hotel.

Issues you may want to collect data on include tracking times to check-in, to get into the room or the access services offered by the hotel. By tracking these issues you can establish parameters or performance levels and then measure how effectively these performance levels are maintained across and between hotels.

Set Action Plans

Having a plan to keep increasing your business is another aspect of a top hospitality management system. From the data collected you can set action plans for improvement or correction, and then monitor and track how effectively these plans are implemented and the results obtained from the new plans.

Action plans may also identify new systems or techniques that can be used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a particular aspect of the hotel. This could include everything from increasing the performance of housekeeping services to setting up routine maintenance and repairs that cut down on emergency calls from guests.

Not only will a hospitality management system allow you to set up action plans to correct areas of poor performance, but you can also use it to integrate and share customer feedback, allowing employees to see how their actions make a difference to the experience of the guest.

The results of using a hospitality management system are a more effectively functioning hotel. This, in turn, translates into higher guest satisfaction and increasing brand loyalty by guests. For managers of chains or multiple hotels in different cities, having this all at your fingertips in one easy to use program is a true breakthrough in management possibilities.

Our hospitality management system programs can be fully customized to meet your needs for a single hotel or an international chain. To learn more go to and Request for a Demo