byAlma Abell

Tahoe modular displays are fairly new types of pop-up displays within the exhibition world. Compared to similar display types, the Tahoe modular display is more economical and is both lightweight as well as easy to assemble. General assembly time for a display, depending on its size, is about an hour. Due to its light weight and ability to assemble and disassemble, Tahoe modular displays are ideal to be used as a back wall display at exhibitions.

Configurations & Customizations

Display requirements for every company is different. One of the advantages with modular displays is the display’s ability to segment the product display as well as the banner. Multiple shelves can be customized and added depending on what product is being showcased and how brands would like to use the shelving. As far as the custom fabric graphic background is concerned, it brings forth a natural call-to-action to the brand and product.

Overall Exhibition Space

Using the space given within an exhibition hall is critical in bringing enough spotlight to the brand or product. Balancing what is to be displayed and how much should be displayed can make or break an exhibit space. One of the smartest ways to use any exhibition space is to use designated drawn walls to their fullest potential. Instead of leaving a space within the exhibit open, using a modular display as a back wall blocks the view of another vendor display. This creatively allows a smarter use of the area and brings more light onto the brand without unnecessary distractions.

Designing the perfect exhibition space involves thinking about the use of every inch of the area that has been allocated. Within this area, the utilization of the full space to exude a brand and build a brand experience is the key formula in assembling a successful exhibit.

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