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Does having a curvier or fuller figure appeal to you? With years of research and development, scientists and medical experts worldwide have established and fine-tuned different cosmetic surgery operations to help you attain your beauty goals. If you or your friends are interested in undertaking a particular plastic surgery method, here are some facts about some of the most preferred options available in most medical offices today.

Breast Augmentation. With more than 300,000 surgeries performed each year using this technique, breast augmentation is considered one of the most popular plastic surgery options among American females. This operation improves and reshapes breasts through implants. A breast augmentation surgery may incorporate breast lift, or mastopexy, to eliminate sagging typically caused by weight loss, aging, or pregnancy. Performed by a competent and experienced plastic surgeon, this operation can restore your breasts\’ firmness and vibrant appearance.

Rhinoplasty. Most people, regardless of sex, are self-conscious about their nose. With the proficiency of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, you can improve your nose\’s size and shape and enjoy a more proportional nose. In rhinoplasty or nose surgery, the nose\’s cartilage and bone are reshaped, restructured, or reduced to enhance one\’s appearance. This safe technique can provide impressive results that can raise your self-esteem.


Rhytidectomy. With stress and the hot Florida sun, a lot of aging individuals are bothered by long-term skin damage and premature skin aging. Face lift counters the effects of natural aging and gravity on skin. The

facelift Tampa

plastic surgeons provide repositions facial tissues and addresses wrinkling and sagging, thus creating more vibrant and fresher facial contours. Surgeons make use of high caliber surgical procedures like fat grafting and fat transfer to deliver positive results.

Abdominoplasty. The

tummy tuck Tampa

medical offices offer can make the abdominal areas firmer and thinner. This cosmetic surgery treatment involves removal of excess skin and fat from the patient\’s middle and lower abdominal areas. Consequently, it tightens the muscles and abdominal walls and gives the torso a more fit appearance. Those with excessively stretched and loose tummy skin and lax abdominal wall muscles resistant to diet and exercise can go through this safe and effective operation.

Liposuction. People with excess fat in their abdominal areas, buttocks, and thighs can select the

liposuction Tampa

locals suggest. This cosmetic surgery procedure enhances and redefines your body shape by getting rid of hard-to-manage fat deposits and fatty tissues. A doctor may carry out liposuction using the tumescent technique wherein a solution of saline and anesthetic targets and eliminates fat cells. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, on the other hand, dissolves the fat beneath the skin through an ultrasound probe for efficient and fast outcomes.

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