By Adriana Notton

Low water pressure in the home can be a very frustrating experience as it can disrupt regular household activities that requite the use of water. There are many reasons why you may suddenly have low water pressure. There may be the accumulation of dissolved minerals resulting from hard water which causes a blockage. There may be a pipe leak which reduces the water pressure. There may also be a blockage in the pipes. If you have low water pressure, there are a number ways to fix the problem and increase the water pressure.

Below are a number of tips on fixing low water pressure in your home:

1. The first thing you should do is check the main water valve where the water line enters the home. In most cases, the valve looks like a wagon wheel and it is located at the water meter going into the home. Turn the water valve a half-turn in a clockwise direction so it slightly closes off. Then, turn the valve counter clockwise all the way so that it is completely open. There should be a forceful thrust of water that pushes any deposit through the system and raises the water pressure. If you think there is sediment built up in your pipes, open your sink faucet, and then turn the water on and off at the main water valve which loosen mineral deposits and push the mineral deposits through the plumbing system.


2. Perform a pipe inspection to check for leaks. You may have to look into some hard to see places such as under the home so make sure you use a flashlight. If you find a water leak in a pipe, you will have to get it repaired or replaced. You will have to shut off the main water valve so it can be repaired. It is wise to hire a plumber to do the job.

3. Check the aerator in the faucets to see if they need to be cleaned. Remove the aerator using pliers or a crescent wrench. You will find a small screen inside of the faucet head. Remove the screen and thoroughly rinse it. Before replacing the screen, turn on the water to see if the water is flowing properly.

4. Check your pressure regulator because sometimes this can cause low water pressure. The pressure regulator is the device shaped like a bell with a screw at the end. You can normally find the pressure regulator either under the home or below the frontal connection. Often you just have to adjust the screw to restore water pressure. Tighten the screw to boost the water pressure. Make sure you set it between 45 – 60 psi.

Installing a special water pressure pump will help raise water pressure if all other repair options fail. The pump fills with water and then fills partly with air to keep an even pressure in your water lines. If you believe the problem is something serious that you have not been able to identify, you should enlist the services of a professional plumber.

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