byAlma Abell

Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to heavy equipment and machinery. Without understanding safety procedures and understanding how heavy equipment works, you may be at risk for an accident to occur. This is especially relevant when moving heavy equipment from place to place. Even if the move is a short distance away, it’s best to play it safe and find movers who do the same. All types of heavy machinery are different, but the safety precautions are generally the same. Here are the T.I.C.K. safety tips for equipment moving.

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Teamwork is all about working together towards a common goal, in this case, moving heavy and potentially dangerous equipment. Teamwork also means coordinating the move in safe and planned ways to make heavy equipment moving quick, simple, and safe for everyone involved.


All heavy machinery should be inspected at least once a day before use. The same goes before a move. The machines should inspected for issues that may cause them to become dangerous during a move. The inspection should be thorough and done correctly in order to ensure the safety of the equipment and workers.


Communication goes hand-in-hand with teamwork. In order to coordinate, you have to communicate. Friendly and open communication is key to any task, especially heavy equipment moving.


Learning is partly experience and partly knowledge. A good heavy equipment moving team will be both experienced and knowledgeable. With the right training, workers will have both and perform to the best of their ability.

Pro Tip: The right team for heavy equipment moving in Houston, TX will know and follow the T.I.C.K. key pillars of safety.