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After the excitement of your daughter accepting the flower girl honor is over, you will be left with one question: What on earth will I buy for her to wear? More and more brides these days are leaving flower girl dress choices to her mother, though you may be asked to co-ordinate colors with the bridesmaids.

Fortunately for you, the Spring 2010 fashion catalogs contain excellent choices to ensure your precious petal thrower doesn t look dated or out-of-style.

Here are some essential tips to ensure your flower girl looks fabulous for the forthcoming nuptials!

-Consider Age Frillier flower girl frocks aren t the vogue in Spring 2010. In fact, designers are moving towards simpler cuts, simpler styles and flattering fabrics. If you have an infant or toddler, stick to a tunic-style flower girl dress that draws attention away from the diaper bulge. Pale colors look wonderful on tiny tots, and with pastels making their reappearance in time for the Easter bunny, you can get away with a pale elegant mid-calf length dress embossed with pretty flowers.


-Consider The Wedding Style If the wedding is a big white affair, you don t want your precious little one lighting up the sky in a neon dress. Be certain to address the type of wedding and the desires of the bride before choosing an outfit. Belted waists have been given the nod from the fashion designers above, so a pretty white dress with a hot magenta pink silk belt will look stunning.

-Consider Material You might have always dreamed of dressing your daughter up like a little princess for these occasions, but layers and layers of chiffon are a definite no-no for Spring 2010. Opt instead for simple silk or satin dresses. Your flower girl will thank you on the day for keeping her skin itch-free, and thank you again in years to come when she sees how trendy she looked!

-Consider Color Black and brown are the major Winter 2009 colors, but as we move toward the spring, pastels are just as desirable. If pale colors make your little one look washed out, try a mixed-color flower girl dress instead. Fashionistas are trending toward a white tunic-style top, a belted waist, and a bolder skirt color. Orange, pink, blue, and green are hues worthy of the baby basket bearer.

-Consider Accessories Big jewelry is another fashion frontrunner for the Spring 2010 fashionistas. With that said, your four year-old doesn t have to be dripping heavy metal-wear to stay in vogue. Delicate earrings look pretty for pierced ears, and you might also want to consider colorful hair accessories, non-garish bracelets, and simple shoes.

Above all, just remember that all eyes will be on your pretty little flower girl as she undertakes one of the most exciting moments of her young life. So, opt for simple tunic-style dresses, one or two-color silky fabrics, and dainty jewelry.

Once you have that figured out, all you need to do next is choose your own outfit and you’ll be ready for the wedding day!

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