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Roy MikhailFor all those who love to use products designed and developed by Microsoft can now be happy to know that the company has come up with devices like Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 which have practically revolutionized the digital world. Surface 3 is a unique combination of laptop and tablet that can be a useful gadget when it comes to professional or personal usage by an individual. Firstly it is quite light and can be easily carried over to any place at ease. Next what you might like would be its look which is has a magnesium alloy body and an adjustable kickstand that allows you to work at different angles. The resolution is perfect with as aspect ratio of 3:2 and you can work with it for longer hours as there are several charging options available for the same.

The company has launched the device at every retail store and you can get several coupon codes for discounts. If you search the internet you can also get several such microsoft store Surface Pro 3 Promo Code offers which gives you a unique chance to be a winner of the wonderful device at a much reasonable price. you can store several movies and videos or photographs inside Surface 3 as that has a capacity of 128GB of hard drive which can be extended up t 200 GB additionally. Further since the device is powered by Windows 10 there will be no problem for you to continue working just like your PC.

Along with Surface 3, the company has also come up with Surface Pro 3 which is another marvel from Microsoft for people who swear by their products. The CPU is faster and the device is thinner as well as stylish enough to look grand on your hands. The battery backup is awesome allowing you to work for more than 9 hours which is an important aspect for people who even continue working while they are travelling and has no means to put the device on charging unit. The 4TH Generation Intel core processor with a TPM chip that enhances security of the device is quite well appreciated by the users all over the world and in order to make the entire system compatible the company has also fitted Windows 10 in order to make it easier for the users.

The company has announced several microsoft surface pro 3 coupon codes which is surely great news for young professionals. The device also comes up well with several ports which allow it to get connected to different accessories which are an essential factor today for youth. It has USB ports, mini display ports, hot swap micro SD as well as audio jacks in order to make it a perfect gadget for 21st century and even beyond. Another thing that makes Surface pro 3 even more interesting is the feature called InstantGo, that allows auto update and auto maintenance of the device as it is connected to AC. So enjoy being an elite Microsoft user now!

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