Rider-Waite Tarot Cards-Easy To Use by Jodie SeymourAs a beginner in Tarot Rider-Waite Tarot cards are absolutely the most popular and favorite of all others. The cards are built quite simple thus resulting in easy understanding of the great symbolism. These cards even use colors for certain aspects of symbols. Because of the simplicity of the cards interpretation is made very simple for the beginner that needs to understand how to use Rider-Waite Tarot Cards.The deck includes 22 cards in the Arcana. The deck consists of a High Priestess, a Magician, A Fool, Death and a Hangman and of course many others. Like all other decks this is also a standard 78 card deck.There are 56 Rider-Waite Tarot cards left that make the Minor Arcana. There are 14 cards that make up 4 suits which include Swords, Pentacles, Wands and Cups. All the cards of both the Minor and Major all have different meanings. Also on most occasions if the cards are inverted they have either opposite or different meanings. This is the case in almost all cases but not always.Certain layouts are needed to help you learn to read the cards. Some will tell you where you are at and whether you will be passing good or bad. Another shows your influence on the present and future. It seems that beginners find the Celtic Cross to be the easiest layout to use.You must use your Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and practice with them until you become comfortable with laying them out and interpreting what is presented. Pick a question and stick with it. The cards are there to reveal the answer to the question you asked ” it doesnt work to try to ask a question that you think fits in with the answer youve received. And unless youre using a two-card spread, its better not to ask a yes/no questions. Most answers are better suited to questions regarding what your live direction should be than whether or not you should quite your job.Before getting yourself in the world of reading Tarot Cards you need to get started somewhere. Why not get started with a girl who does her homework when it comes to Rider-Waite Tarot CardsArticle Source: eArticlesOnline.com