Promoting Parental Involvement through Volunteerism


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Books on butterflies need to be checked out of the neighboring library for next week’s unit on insects. It’s that time of year to think of an exceptional fundraiser for your child care center. How can you administer a successful center and find time for all the extras? You can’t – except you have a great group of volunteers who are keen to help.Most of the kids in your

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center are enrolled because both parents are working outside the home. This fact complicates matters when you need volunteers during the day. However, you can push working parents to become involved with the following activities. Share these ideas with your parents and groups by duplicating this list and distributing it at Open House or by sending it home throughout the year.


1.Read and record a favorite tale for the children. Children enjoy going to the listening center, using the headphones, and turning the pages of a preferred book while hearing a story read by a voice dissimilar from the teacher’s. 2.Call businesses for contributions and help with the current fundraiser. When asking for donations, always categorize the school, explain the reason for the request, and follow-up with a thank you note on letterhead from the center. Consider that products may be easier to protect than money. 3.Volunteer for field trips. Transporting a group of small children away from the center is a huge responsibility. The staff generally needs more hands and attentive eyes. If feasible, volunteer as a chaperone at least once all through the year. 4.Volunteer for a telephone committee. Telephone committees are great for making unusual announcements and sending reminders to parents about future field trips, holidays, and unique days at school. 5.Ask other parents to become involved. Encourage your child’s teacher training course

in an optimistic way in the community. Your optimistic advertising spreads consciousness and brings new children and families to the school.

6.Make special treatment for a holiday or special occasion and bring to the center. Suggest designing a bulletin board, bringing in edible treats, or making banners and other decorations. Consider to volunteer for the clean up that follows a party. 7.Engross the community in supporting the center. Make a survey of neighboring businesses and individuals that could donate to projects. Are there parents who could donate labor or supplies? 8.Keep a list of parent employment. Could a house painter help kids design T-shirts using latex paint? Could a grocery store supervisor bring samples of fruits and vegetables for tasting? Could a nurse bring a stethoscope and permit children to snoop to a friend’s heart? Imagine of the various areas for learning parents can provide. Conclusion: Parents differ to a great extent regarding their preferences, capabilities and time available; therefore, schools must offer a variety of ways parents can become involved and can help in school activities. Helping parents feel they are valuable in their children\’s education and hence takes time and effort, but the results will be better from home-school cooperation and increases the students success.

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