Nike Shoes’s Special Technology



Have you anytime heard of Nike Air Max 2009 shoes or Nike Air Max Force 1? Those are Nike shoes activated with a appropriate technology- Nike air.

What would it feel with air in your shoes? In the afterward branch we will accomplish it accepted to you all.

The principle

Knowing the assumption will accomplish it easier for you to accept what on apple this technology is.


The air technology is a appropriate gas encapsulated acerb into boxy constructed elastic of air cushion. The key factors advance to the acknowledged of this technology lies in the air cushion. The amid appropriate gas aggregate is greater than the slight gap of constructed elastic that the gas accept no adventitious to aperture out. And the air arresting alien beating and pressure, again bound abating aback to aboriginal appearance, at the aforementioned time able for the next shock, what’s more, it will not abrasion out as the activity aeon of shoe goes.

The apparatus

It is Frank Rudy who aboriginal put advanced the principle-to use inflatable air beanbag to enhance the shock of able-bodied nike shoes, and one year later, Nike Air Max 2009 came out and brought about a anarchy in sports shoes. And it was the aboriginal air technology developed at Nike; it charcoal the accepted in appulse aegis added than 20 years afterwards its debut.

The advantages

Durable: it will not abrasion out as the activity aeon of shoe goes.

Versatile: it is acclaimed of its adequate could be acclimated in varies kinds of sports shoes.

Stability: accommodate users with bigger adherence and ascendancy while affective around.

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