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A medical terminology course is a course offered at mostly community colleges for basic terms in the medical field. Health care programs are growing in popularity and size due to the strong interest from the students. A university in Wisconsin requires credits in the medical terminology course to receive a diploma. This university offers 8 to 10 month programs ranging from medical billers to pharmacy technicians. A majority of these occupations the university offers courses in expects positive employment growth all the way to 2018 says Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the next 10 years the top 20 growing occupations, half are expected to be in the medical field reports the Bureau. The explosion of interest is mostly because of the growth of technology and aging baby boomers. The knowledge of medical terminology is likely to advance more people into the medical field.

A majority of the medical terminology courses are geared towards nursing degrees, doctors in all fields, and other major fields. Even though they design these courses for people interested in pursing degrees in such fields, these courses are available as electives for general interest. In most work places like hospitals, retirement homes, and personal care providers, a general knowledge of the medical terminology course is required. Most places won t even hire an employee if they don t have at least one class in medical terminology. Associate degree programs normally take a couple of years to complete, but with the advances in technology people are being able to take more of a workload to finish faster. More university’s are offering advance courses in medical terminology as part of the requirement to graduate in health care degree programs.

The basics of a medical terminology course is that the roots of terminology be learned and memorized. At Des Moines University they offer free online medical terminology course that has 11 modules. The medical terms are provided for the urinary system, the male and female reproductive systems, circulatory systems, the digestive systems and other major physiological systems. After the client learns words and diseases associated with each system, they take a multiple choice quiz. A free online medical terminology course is also offered at the University of Minnesota. DeVry University also offers online courses for medical terms such as a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering Technology and Management: Health Services Management. DeVry University also offers similar courses for an associates degree program such as Electroneurodiagnostic Technology and Health Information Technology. Capella University is similar to DeVry University because of its status. Capella University however requires you to have 2 or more years college/military or at least be the age of 24 or higher. below are some of the programs they offer for medical terminology course s.


100% Online Programs Doctorate DHA – General Health Administration DHA – Health Care Leadership DHA – Health Policy and Advocacy

DrPH – Epidemiology DrPH – Health Advocacy and Leadership PhD – Health Care Administration

Master MHA – General Health Administration MHA – Health Care Operations MHA – Health Policy MPH – General Public Health

MPH – Health Management and Policy

MS – Gerontology


BS – Health Care Management

BS – Health Informatics

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