Everywhere you look you find articles, books and magazines showing you how to do something. Paint a Wall. Build a Car kit. Build a Pond.

It’s endless. Put “How to” in the search engines. Thousands and thousands of titles spring up.

The whole world is changing. Always something new. Books go out of print because new ideas have come out on the original subject. The internet has thrown open the whole business of writing How To books and articles.

So where do you start?

Here are some ideas for a How To book

Sex Money Health Diet Self improvement

If you are looking to write about readers desires then you should be looking to:-

Look Better: How to improve their looks

Feel Better: Make them feel better about themselves

Have a better sex life: Difficult so plenty of research needed

Make money: Run/Start a business. Invest

Save money: Tips on ways to keep their money.

Live longer: Don’t smoke.

Lose weight: Diets. Gyms.

Better person: More research

And in front of all those add How To

Then think about improving some aspect of his or her life

Most people would like to be one or a combination of these below.

To be:

1 Praised

2 Healthy

3 In Style

4 Like Others

5 An Individual

6 Popular

7 Self Confident

8 Expressive

9 Comfortable

10 More Creative

11 Important

To have:

11 Beautiful possessions

12 Security

13 More Leisure time

14 Prestige

15 Influence

To avoid:

16 Physical pain

17 Trouble

18 Criticism

19 Effort

To save:

20 Money

21 Time

Lot of ideas in the above to get you started. More ideas:-

This would come under strictly personal or what do I do about this

Matrimonial problems



Teenage problems





Physical appearance


Unmarried Mothers



Coping with the death of a loved one

Anger Alcoholics – Marriage Pain Sex/Love


You start with an idea. You make notes, gather and sort.

Carry out any research needed.

Outline the whole book, then organize a prcis of it.

Work on chapters. You can be doing the last chapter first it doesn’t matter.

Get fed up with one part, switch to another.

A saying I picked up years ago. Can’t remember where from. Think about it.

Dont keep forever on the public roads leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. You will be certain to find something that you have never seen before. One discovery will lead to another and before you know it you will have something worth thinking about.

Plenty to think about. Pick your subject but check the market first. It’s no good writing about a subject which no one wants to read.

Then research it via the internet .

All OK. Now do an outline of your book.

One of my previous articles concerning the Outline is on this website.

That’s all folks