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There are now over 9 million passengers using Glasgow airport every year. This high traffic comes with a few problems including high parking costs. Finding online Glasgow Airport parking discount codes can be a hard task.

However, when the airport opened 50 years ago on the 2nd of May 1966, it only had a handful of airlines operating there. That means the number of people using the airport was low and so it can be rightly assumed that finding the best deals for Glasgow Airport parking was easy at the time.

The city initially had one airport at Renfrew. But with the surge of commercial flights that came in the 1960s, it became apparent that the existing airport couldn’t handle the traffic. Glasgow Corporation chose the former airbase at Abbotsinch as the city’s new Airport.

According to Prof Dugald Cameron, author of a book on the history of Glasgow airport and who took part in a commemorative flight, the airport that was situated at Renfrew couldn’t handle any expansion during the rapid development of air travel.


He said: “The airport was expanded to twice its size on two occasions during the second world war. This was done to cope with the demands of the war. The airport was so constrained in terms of size that further development was simply impossible. The reality of the situation became clear when larger and more space-demanding planes began to be built. It was just too small.

The terminal building at Renfrew Airport, which was designed by Sir William Kinnimonth in 1954 was torn down after the airport’s closure in 1966.

Loganair airline, Icelandair, and Aer Lingus were the earliest airlines to operate at Glasgow airport. They have been present through the years consistently in its 50 years of existence, a period which has seen general growth in the airline industry.

Scott Grier, who is a former chairman at Loganair Airline said: “From day one, we have always been the resident airline at Glasgow Airport. We started operations at Renfrew Aerodrome before moving there. There’s nothing we haven’t seen.

He went on to say: “Before just a few years ago, we were operating from one of the last two hangars from World War 2 before they got bulldozed.”

Passenger traffic at Glasgow airport is expected to reach record levels this year. Travellers can only hope there will be a corresponding expansion in parking spaces for them to have more Glasgow airport park and ride discounts.

“The airport has been an important part of Scottish life and economy. Few people are aware that the airport is only 50 years old,” said Amanda McMillan, who is the current CEO.

“Glasgow airport only started with just 3 operating airlines. Today, there are over 30 covering more than 110 destinations all over the world,” she said.

The increased traffic means it is now a good idea to book in advance if you want online Glasgow Airport parking discount codes

9 million people use the airport every year, but Ms McMillan expects to see the highest number of passengers in the 50th anniversary year. There are indications that the traffic will go up to 10 million or more. This surge in traffic might make getting online Glasgow Airport Parking discount codes a little harder.

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