Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica


Eli C. Carrio

What makes Costa Rica as country worth visiting for?


Maybe the short flight you will just have to take. In point of fact, from Washington, District of Columbia in the States to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, it will only take about 4 hours and quarter hour of air transportation to go there. Or maybe the panoramic scenes of the land for example the Poas Volcano rater where it\’s possible to take a soak in its warm waters and relax like you go with mother earth? How about the western beach coast line touching with the waters of the Pacific and its eastern coastline facing the Caribbean? The castaway-like experience it\’s possible to get at Isla Cocos, the farthest of its islands from the mainland with a distance of about 300 miles from its nearest spot at Puntarenas. Or even the huge forestlands, wild animals, and clear waters that are very well preserved due to the authorities rigorous execution of nature laws. Or just in case you are in an immense look for outer beauty those who would like to have the Angelina Jolie pout, the Julia Roberts look, the epic Pam Anderson humps, the very Tight laced Scarlett Johannson waist, the Jennifer Lopez back, the very Greco Roman and million-dollar Angie Dickenson legs (better Google her if you don\’t know her), and summing it all up, the Coca-Cola bottle torso, how about giving a try on undergoing cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica? Yes, apart from the USA, it\’s possible to also avail of any operation on cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica

! And the best of all, it\’s possible to have your dream face and torso at lower costs! You have boob jobs in the United States of America and you\’ll spend $ 8,000 (2012); but in Costa Rica, it\’s possible to become an instantaneous bombshell for just $ 3,200! You may additionally have that dream 24-inch waistline and cellulite-free legs with suction lipectomy procedures in Costa Rica just for $ 3,000 (unlike in the U.S.A. which costs $ 9,500)!.

Actually, it\’s possible to have that $ 3,200-cup-D breasts and $ 3,000-slim body in the United States of America, but only through unregistered fly by night operating surgeons who can just peril your life. So don\’t you worry, the approved doctors of cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica

use the latest technologies in executing such medical procedures, like those that are in the utilization by their similitudes in the U.S.A., and be able to guarantee the safety of their patients.

The Costa Rica experience can bring an optimum of rememberings that each and every visitant will undoubtedly cherish : The passion and taste for mother earth and the realizations of dreams for self-betterment.

My name is Elisabeth Calista Carrio, everybody calls me \”Eli\”. I am from Barcelona, Spain – living and writing now in Costa Rica for the Forums about

cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica


Either way I hope you find the articles I have written of value; if you have any questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch with me.

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