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There’s not much more frustrating than trying to find a parking space at the airport when the whole car park is teaming with vehicles, and you’re already running behind schedule, or your friend’s plane has been on the ground for ten minutes.


You may not realize that there are other car parks outside of the airport grounds that are available to airport customers. Sometimes parking outside the airport, at a secure, private car park, can be a practical alternative. And while parking right at the airport is handy and secure, private car parking near Leeds Bradford Airport can be just as safe, and many car parks offer the same services as the airport car park, and are very reasonably priced.

Private car parking near Leeds Bradford Airport is not as expensive as you may think. The Sentinel Car Park offers reasonable prices, comparable to the airport car park, security for your vehicle, and even free shuttle busses to and from the airport. You can park here to pick someone up, or even leave your car while you go on an extended holiday, and you won’t have to worry about your car while you are gone.

While you may find car parks that are extremely cheap, why risk the safety of your vehicle while you are inside the airport or away on a trip, when you can leave your car in a safe lot that is regularly patrolled? And with the free shuttle busses to the airport, these car parks are nearly as convenient as the airport car park.

So, the next time you are taking a flight or picking someone up, and in search of airport parking near Leeds Bradford Airport, if the airport car park is full up, or too much of a hassle for you because it’s so busy, consider a safe, private car park.

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