By Lauren Tate

What does your current business card say about you? Do you know? Are you losing clients with your card?

You may think of a business card as just simple information that you pass out to clients or potential clients. But it’s actually a lot more than that.

Within the first 3 seconds of handing someone your card, they will make an assessment about your business by looking at your card.

They will decide within that first 3 seconds if you are professional, trustworthy and worth doing business with. Of course, there are other things that play into that decision as well – but your business card can make or break an already positive impression.

So how can you make sure you are sending the right message? Here are 3 key business card tips that will make sure you look professional and trustworthy:


#1 Make It Full Color

While years ago, black and white cards were ok, today with the advent of so many professional printers, it’s easy to step up to the plate and add some color. Full color cards are the best option.

People are drawn to full color cards – just as they prefer full color movies or full color pictures over black and white. Black and white cards say you couldn’t afford to step up to full color – or that you don’t care very much about the impression you make. It’s kind of like wearing an old track suit to a business meeting.

#2 Use a Heavy Card Stock

If you’re trying to send the impression of professionalism – and especially if you are appealing to the more affluent client base, you need a heavy card stock. Try a 14 pt. stock or higher.

Even if you have to pay a bit more for a heavy card stock, it’s worth it. One of the first things people notice is the thickness and heaviness of the card you give them. And a lightweight card that’s been printed off your computer at home is a huge turn-off.

#3 Print on Both the Front and Back

Most online business card printers will give you the option of printing on one side or both sides. If you can, I’d suggest you print the main information on the front and use the back for something as well.

Using the back is handy because, again, it sends the message that your business is successful. Plus if your card is placed face down on a table or something, the message printed on the back will catch people’s eye and they may want to pick up your card to read more.

Also, the back is another way to build your brand and advertise your services. For example, if you’re an artist you may want to showcase a picture of your work on the back. If you’ve won awards, you may want to list them on the back.

You may want to put your logo and favorite inspirational saying on the back. Other people put a coupon on the back (or a link to an online coupon website) which may help ensure people keep your card handy.

Plus, it doesn’t cost that much more to print on the front and back so it may be well worth your time.

To me a thick, full color card with printing on the front and back tells me this person is professional and probably has more business than he can handle. So I would definitely want to do business with him. Make sure your next business card has these 3 things and you’re well on your way to making a great first impression!

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