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A lot of people go to Hoboken for the treats that they can find there, both in food and in shopping but there are other people who are going there to find the night life. They are looking for excitement and fun in the night clubs that are there. If you are looking for someplace in Hoboken to go for excitement, you are going to find that there are quite a few nightclubs that you can visit there. But if you are looking for the best of the best, below you will find three of the most popular ones that people visit.

Room 84

This is a dance club, lounge, and singles club, according to this nightclub on Washington Street. It offers big open spaces which have modern furniture, a 50 feet long bar, and LED lighting, along with quieter bar and lounge areas. The bar offers the club s own take on the bottle service. Guests are able to mix small liquor containers to make a full liter. It hosts an array of DJ s and drink specials weekly. The music selections change through the week, which ranges electronic music to the tribal kinds of music. It is open until 2 am Monday to Thursday and 3 during the weekend.


Whiskey Ba

This is also found along Washington Street. It presents a nightclub environment that is fun and casual. It focuses on the live music as well as simple drinks like shots and beer. There are a lot of different specials for mixed drinks, whiskey, and beer. There are also a lot of local bands on the stage here, and DJs and indoor fireworks provide other entertainment. Some of the events that the Whiskey Bar hosts are Rock Fest, Anti-Shore Saturdays, and Fried Out Fridays. When there is a big group, the nightclub also offers party packages. The Anti-Shore Saturdays offers pub games like the three ring and the milk can toss.

Teak on the Hudson

This is found on the Hudson Place and it overlooks the river. It s a contemporary, Asian-infused nightclub. Through the day, the restaurant serves things like American cuisine and sushi, along with a cocktail selection. During the night, it becomes a modern, upscale environment. The nightclub s features include things like LED lighting, built-in prominent fish tanks, integrated sound, and modern d cor. There are different drink specials which focus on cocktails happening through the week.

These are just a few of the nightclubs that you are going to find when you are visiting Hoboken, NJ. There are plenty of nightclubs in this town and they cater to many people, young and old. There isn t a shortage of fun to have at night, with great music, lots of fun, and delicious food and drinks. Whether you are going there with friends or by yourself, you are going to find that these nightclubs are going to offer you a great time. And who knows? You may just find that special someone there. You never know what you find unless you try.

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