Can You Make A Living Trading Options

By Jason Ng

Can you make a living trading options? In fact, has anyone ever made a living just trading options?

This is a question that a lot of beginners who has yet to start learning about options asked me. In fact, for some of them, it seems like being able to make a living out of solely trading options is the only motivation for them to learn it in the first place.

Well, having traded options for more than fifteen years, I regard myself a professional options trader and I would say the possibility exist for making a living out of only trading options if you are really good at it. However, as a responsible financial adviser, the golden adage still goes, Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket.

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The right way to financial stability, security and freedom is to make sure you have multiple streams of income. Nobody should depend solely on their job income for their livelihood as the risk of retrenchment always exists. Nobody should depend solely on real estate rental income for their livelihood as the risk of default on payment and non-rental exists. Likewise, nobody should depend solely on options trading for their livelihood as the risk of the market making an unexpected move that wipes out short term gains exists. There are no perfect ways of making money and that is why we DIVERSIFY!

While it is possible to make your main income through options trading when you get really good at it, you will still need to augment your income with other residual sources such as real estate rental or even your job income in order to hedge against risk. Yes, financial stability is a science and an art which requires effort and time to get right. There is no shortcut and no quick fix. There isn’t a single method of making money which could allow you to rest on your laurels for the rest of your life. That is why the super rich still spend so much time making money and investing their money.

Personally, while I make my main income from options trading, I actually have about thirteen other streams of residual income to help me through the tough times such as the 2008 market crash which caught me somewhat by surprise and I wasn’t able to react fast enough on my options trades to avoid initial losses. If I had not my other sources of residual income, I would have gone without food and would have defaulted on my mortgages during those few tough months when I didn’t make an income from my options trading at all.

Yes, all means of making money have their ups and downs. There are no perfect investments. As such, even though it is possible to make a living from options trading, my advise is that you should treat options trading as another weapon in your arsenal to financial freedom and security. Every mean of money making that you learn gives you that edge and allows you to survive under more market and economic conditions.

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